Ten Months with Sarah Catherine!

Last Thursday marked ten months for SC!  Honestly, when I wrote up the nine month post, I thought I would have nothing happy to report this month, as I thought the surgery would dominate everything.  While it certainly was a major part, lots of other things happened too!
Stats:  On Friday, SC had her post-op appointment, and she weighed in at 19.2 pounds and 28.5 inches long. Her mouth is still healing, so she needs to keep a diet of milk/formula/purees for the next three weeks, but it seems like she is enjoying the purees more than in the past, and I'm really trying to push the solids.
Highlights:  On August 1st, five days after her surgery, SC started crawling and she has been going ever since!  She still says "mama" when she wants something/is annoyed and also when she is just babbling. We are working on other sounds, and hopeful that the palate repair will help with that.  She is getting her teeth in; two on the top and two on the bottom. 

Likes: SC still loves bath time and pool time, so we make sure to keep getting those activities in.  She has become so much more playful this month, and she loves it when we tickle her tummy and toes, and she think that when I shake my hair around it is the most. fun. ever. She will usually follow me around the apartment, and is pretty amused by our pantry doors while I'm washing bottles in the kitchen, and also loves to check out any buttons she can push.  So far, the one on our DVR is her favorite.

Dislikes: SC isn't a fan of getting her diaper changed, so we definitely have to distract her during that process.  She also hates it when I put lotion and her pj on after bath time.  Now that she is more mobile, she will just roll over and crawl away, which I actually find really funny.  She is extremely interested in whatever other people are eating around her, and she will get upset that she can't have any. I think moving onto more solid foods with her once her mouth heals will help.  At least that is what I'm hoping!

I had been dreading this month, but SC really endured everything so bravely.  Even though the "age of exploration" keeps us on our toes, I love watching her sweet personality develop.  She really is so interested in everything and wants to see the world.  And by the world, I mean our apartment, grandma and grandpa's house, and Target!

Weekend Recap!

This weekend was more about regrouping for the coming week then anything else, but sometimes that is necessary too! Saturday the husband had to go into the office, so SC and I hung out and I started to get a little packing for our big move.  I'm attempting to pack up things that are fragile and/or we won't really need to take to my parents' house.   It is a bit of a futile task, since I really can't get all that much in my trunk, but at least I'm trying, right?

SC amused herself by pulling up and exploring the apartment.  We are trying not to do too much babyproofing since we will be moving in a few weeks, but we really have to keep an eye on her now. 
Once the husband came home, I got a quick jog in, and we packed things up for my trip to my parents' house and his business trip. Then, he flew out Sunday morning, and SC and I hit the road! We made it to my parents' house by lunch time, and just visited and relaxed. My mom and I also decided to do the Cinch diet, so I took a run to the store. Who knows how that will go! I have had success with it in the past, but since I am pumping, I will probably end up modifying it. But at least it is a start!

My dad was busy prepping for the first day of his fall semester, so my mom and I talked about my house decorating ideas and lack thereof. Since Pottery Barn Kids was running an extra 20% off, I bought SC'a curtains for the new house and also some heart sheets. I definitely fell down the rabbit hole!
SC and I are hanging out at my parents' house until Thursday, while the husband is in NYC, so we are looking forward to that. How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: A Baby Shower for my SIL!

I know I have been sporadic about blogging lately, but I am hoping to be better soon. Last night was the first time SC had slept through the night since her surgery, and I feel the traveling and house hunting wears on me too. The happy news is that we are in the process of closing in a house, with a mid-September move. So soon I will be droning on about paint swatches and room inspiration. Have no fear!

This weekend was really special, as our little family went to my parent's house to celebrate my sister-in-law and brother's baby who should be arriving this October! Our whole family is just so excited and I know my brother and SIL are going to be the best parents. The shower was co-ed and super relaxed with burgers and hotdogs, complete with corn hole in the back yard.  While it was different than what my mom and I had initially thought, it was really fun and a great way to celebrate my niece to be. 
It was also neat because some of my cousins met SC for the first time too!  I can't believe that just last year was my shower.  A lot sure has changed!
I also got to spend a little time with my sister. Our visit wasn't as long as I would have liked, but it never is. I already can't wait until she visits in September! As an aside, my sister and I both have matching "best aunt ever" shirts, and I can't wait to really sport mine in a few months!
Sunday our family hung out, and I also took a few "maternity" pictures for my SIL. It was a spur of the moment thing, but those pictures are my favorite. I asked that we take them outside for better light and they obliged. Despite the fact that it was so hot that my camera lens fogged up. August in Virginia is no joke, and my SIL is a trooper!
 This weekend made me even more excited about the upcoming arrival of my niece! BTW, if anyone has any newborn photo tips, I am all ears! I plan on helping with those in October!

SC's Cleft Palate Recovery

I am so relieved and thankful to share that Sarah Catherine tolerated her surgery well, and she is pretty much back to herself (except for the fact that she is definitely teething).  She is also crawling and exploring everything she can, so we are all on the move! 

I won't recap a play-by-play of the surgery and recovery, but I am so glad that it is behind us.  Since the day she was born nine months ago, we had been thinking (and dreading) this day.  Yes, I was always glad that she would be getting it repaired, and I was also very thankful that it wasn't something more intense such as heart surgery, but it has truly weighed on us.  Before SC's surgery, my sister sent me this beautiful card (with an even more reassuring message), and it really reassured me and helped me focus on being positive.
I know that we are really lucky with lots of family support, a good surgeon, and the fact that my husband could take off work to also be with SC, and I will always be so thankful for that. 
 With that said, it is always hard to see your child in pain, and those first few hours post-surgery were hard.  When we first saw SC she was obviously disoriented and upset, and she was still a bit bloody from the surgery. But SC is really a trooper, and even the day of surgery, she attempted to drink from her bottle.  Since she was able to drink a little they released us the next day, and once she got home she even played with her toys.
Understandably, she wanted to be held as much as possible, which was something that we were happy to do.  I worried about her being inconsolable or hysterical, but apart from the transfer from the recovery room, we were always able to quickly comfort her. Her post-op appointment isn't for another week and a half, but I am so glad that we are on our way!
 How have you been lately?  It is crazy to think that August is already here and the summer is winding down!

Lots of Changes and A Blogging Break!

 Hello, Friends!  This past weekend was really wonderful, as my sister flew in to visit and my parents also came up.  I've been so nervous about the surgery, that the fact that my sister was able to fly in was so comforting to me. While I'm not up to do a recap, the weekend involved lots of staring at our phones looking at Zillow, because we found out on Friday that the husband has been offered a new job that will mean a move for us!  While that has been a happy distraction, these next two weeks I will be taking a break because of SC's surgery and recovery.   Thanks so much for all the well wishes and support during this time.  It really means so much! 

Nine Months with Sarah Catherine!

Sarah Catherine is nine months old today!  This seems like such a big milestone, and she is certainly more like a toddler than a newborn now.  SC is more mobile even though she isn't technically crawling yet.  Somehow she manages to roll and stretch her way to where she wants to go.  Occasionally she can go from laying down to sitting up, so it seems like her core is pretty strong; she just hasn't figured out how to coordinate everything.  She probably takes after me! 

Likes: SC loves swimming and now bath time is her new favorite thing.  She also loves it when I kiss her belly, and when we bounce her up and down. She adores clapping and putting everything she can in her mouth is always interesting to her.
Dislikes: She doesn't really like getting her diaper changed, but our "change, change, change your diaper song" seems to amuse her. 
Highlights:  SC is starting to get her two front teeth!  We also discovered her soy allergy, so that is good to know.  Her nine month appointment is tomorrow, so we will get the official results from her allergy tests then. 
SC continues to be such a sweet baby and it is really such a blessing to watch her personality develop.  This upcoming month isn't going to be an easy  one, but SC is one determined little baby!

A Quiet Summer Weekend

We had a quiet summer weekend, which was absolutely perfect.  We took no less than three trips to the pool and two family walks.   
I took advantage of some quiet moments during nap time to wrap a present for our friend's new baby girl who arrived last week and put together the favor boxes for my SIL's shower.  Originally, I was thinking of trying to make elephant cookies, but with SC's surgery recovery unknown, I decided now was the time to take a shortcut.  I actually think the boxes are really cute.  Amazon Prime for the win! 
SC is starting to get her teeth (her top two middle ones, surprisingly), but she still gave us some good nights of sleep, which after last weekend, the husband and I are a little more aware of and appreciative of.  Those restful nights led to relaxed and fun mornings.
So all in all, a great weekend for our little family.  How was yours?

Five for Friday!

Hurray!  It's Friday!  I hope everyone has had a good week.  Here are my Five for Friday!

Did you all know that Sugar Paper did another collaboration with Target?  Of course, I was super excited, and picked up a few boxes to organize SC's things, a planner for next year, and some sticky notes. 
As I've mentioned, we have to supplement with formula for SC, which gets expensive pretty quickly.  Target is doing a promotion where if you spend $150, you get a $25 gift card, plus a $5 gift card when you buy formula.  I was going to take advantage of this in the store, but you can do it online and the price is the same...so I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived by Thursday! Of course I used my "savings" on the Sugar Paper purchase, but that is still a win in my book!

I got my niece-to-be's baby shower gift bought and wrapped.  I love seeing her little monogram on her quilt!
While I am very happy with our current apartment's set-up for SC, I do dream that one day she has a room of her own.  I can't stop thinking about this sweet nursery by Emily Henderson or this  floral one featured on the Glitter Guide. While SC isn't getting her own room any time soon, I did do some re-organizing that made things less cluttered (always an uphill battle).
Since we have been having somewhat of a tough week, my sister sent this new toy to SC.  It is always nice to have something new to entertain SC with!
So those are my Five for Friday! How are things with you?  I hope you have a lovely weekend!

A Very Belated Fourth of July Recap

For the first time since we moved up here, we didn't have any plans for the Fourth of July, and I was actually really happy about it.  As I mentioned, SC started refusing her formula last Wednesday that we have to supplement with, which meant that she wasn't sleeping well either, and I was tired and excited for a break.  A few months ago, we finally realized that she had a milk allergy, so we switched formulas to Nutramigen.  Since she was refusing it, I thought I would try a soy based formula, on the off chance that she liked it better.  Well, that wasn't my brightest idea.  While she did take the formula better, she also broke out in a bad rash Sunday and started swelling on her arms and legs.  The husband and I are definitely both in the "better to be safe than sorry" camp, so we took her to the pediatric ER to get her checked out.  They gave her a steroid, which helped with the rash, but it also amped her up, so we had another few tough nights.  Fortunately, we seem to be getting back to normal, but SC has had a difficult time of it lately.
 So while those events may have overshadowed the entire weekend, Saturday was actually really nice.  The husband wasn't working so he could actually hang out with SC. He picked out one of her many outfits on Saturday.
 I think he may like her new blocks more than her.
The husband explaining the lack of vowel blocks to SC.
And by the evening of the Fourth of July, even SC could muster up a smile. 
So hopefully this sweet girl will be on her way!  How have you been doing? 

Five for Friday!

Hurray for Friday and a long Fourth of July weekend coming up! Here has been what has been going on in my world lately!
SC and I went to my parent's house on Wednesday and Thursday, so SC could go to an ENT and audiologist appointment at the same hospital she will get her surgery. They confirmed that she does have fluid in her ears (this is because her Eustachian tubes don't function properly due to her cleft palate). The good news is she hasn't had any ear infections yet (crossing our fingers), which I consider a miracle. So it doesn't look like there is any nerve damage, and we can just get tubes put in when she has her surgery and that should help with drainage.  The little visit normally wouldn't be a big deal, but on Wednesday night SC decided to start protesting formula (and I didn't have enough breast milk), so no one got very much sleep, which made it a little tough.  But despite the lack of sleep, SC and I still enjoyed the time with my parents!
Lately I have been thinking about all things flamingo, and couldn't resist picking this up for SC.  I'm such a sucker for trends...
I also picked up this little outfit for SC to wear.  Normally I try not to splurge too much on baby clothes, but I really think the smocking on this piece is gorgeous. 
I took advantage of Sugar Paper's warehouse sale and ordered a few things.  I can't wait to mail out a few notes!
The scalloped swimsuit I ordered almost a month ago from Old Navy finally arrived!  I'm actually glad I bought it.  I hadn't ordered a new suit in about five years, so it was time for an update.  I love the scallop detail, and I think it is somewhat flattering.
I hope everyone has a happy Fourth of July weekend!