Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!  I'm a little late with the post today, but at least it's still Friday!
When J.Crew factory had a sale with free shipping, I decided to order this t-shirt.  In the summer, I love wearing graphic tees with shorts, as a simple outfit that makes me feel somewhat put together.
We recently joined the YMCA for the summer, and I decided to try stay and play with SC.  I didn't have very high hopes, but she did great the first time I left her!  They kindly let her play in the baby section, and she spent her time tending to her stuffed bunny.  Even if I just get a few minutes in on the treadmill, this is a wonderful new development!  We go to the pool together afterwards, so I'm hoping it can continue to be a fun thing for her.  I'm crossing my fingers that we can keep making this work!
My husband remarked that SC's wardrobe was a little lacking, so I took that as an excuse to stock up on a few things.  She only has a few pairs of shorts, and I think these patterns from Old Navy are so cute. I seriously wish they were in my size.


SC and I are headed down to Florida this weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday with my family.  We are hoping to do one day at Disney, but mostly, I just can't wait to spend time with everyone for a few days!  Now, I'm just crossing my fingers that SC does well on the plane.  I've actually never flown with her by myself, so we will see how this goes.

I picked up these earrings this week as a little Mother's Day gift for my mom.  I thought they were kind of fun to go with the Disney theme. My sister and I have been trying to pull together gift bags for the occasion, and I'm hopeful that it will all come together!
We celebrated Mother's Day with my MIL last weekend, and I framed SC's handprints and a picture she purposefully painted for her grandma.  I know they are maybe not the greatest gifts, but SC was so proud!
Happy Mother's Day weekend!  I know this weekend can be difficult too, so wishing you comfort if that's the case.

Strawberry Picking!

One of the things SC and I really wanted to do this year was go strawberry picking, and on Saturday, we got to do just that! One of the farms close by had a strawberry festival, and we thought it'd be a fun thing to do with my MIL too. For some reason, SC loved hearing about how I used to go as a child, and we would eat all the strawberries in the patch and got a tummy ache. Fortunately, that little story kept her from eating the berries until we could wash them at home. The berries aren't lasting long though; freshly picked ones just taste so much better!
Anyone else doing any berry picking lately?  We used to go all the time when I was little and pick buckets and buckets of them.  It was so fun to start this little tradition with our little family this year!

Five for Friday: Life Lately!

Even though I haven't been blogging very much, our days are pretty simple, so it's sometimes hard to know how to hit the highlights of errands, library and park time.  Nonetheless, here are a few!

One exciting thing that happened during our usual story time library trips this week, is that some baby eggs hatched!  They do this program through 4H, and I think it's so neat. SC also got to wave a purple scarf during one song too, and that also pretty much made her week. 
Last Christmas, my sister and brother-in-law gave SC a kindle.  I was looking through some of the Elmo books that they had on there, and we read one about cooking and then made the guacamole recipe.  It was just a little activity, but so much fun! I try to cook with SC normally, so I'll have to see if I can find some more Elmo-approved recipes!

Spring has finally arrived, and our back yard is in bloom!  While I eventually want to make some changes to some of the plants, I love these roses.  I've been busy picking as many flowers as I can to make arrangements inside the house. 
Since SC has decided her favorite colors are pink and purple, I decided to try to print off a few new purple things for her.  Zebras are also her favorite animal, so I thought this was a nice addition to her room.  This week, I switched out all of her clothes and also tried to go through some of her toys.  Her room is feeling slightly more organized now; if only I felt that way about the rest of the house!
While we've been enjoying some spring weather, we also have been doing a fair share of pretend.  SC loves to take her baby to Target and the doctor.  She finds it hilarious when she "forgets an item" and has to go back and do more grocery shopping. 
 I've rigged up a baby carrier for her out of ribbon, but I think a "real" one may will probably be ordered sooner rather than later.
My MIL is arriving this evening, so I better hop to some cleaning and meal prep!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Hello again, and gifts for a new baby!

Hello friends!  I didn't mean to take such a long blogging break, and now it's hard for me to know how to recap everything, as it feels silly to recap every trip to the park, etc.

I was under the weather with a bad headache for a few days, but the big thing that I have been working on is this little cross stitch birth sampler I made for one of my best friend's in honor of her daughter's birth. I think it took me about 40 hours, but I'm proud that I was able to deliver it to her in person this past weekend! And yes, I realize it's slightly wrinkly and perhaps a bit askew, but there is so much heart in this gift!
The theme for her nursery was "I love you to the moon and back", so we also bought her this little moon necklace.  I thought it made a cute keepsake!
I wrapped up a gift for her toddler son, and I was happy to get it all ready to go!
Even though I'm not the greatest cook, I also think bringing a meal is really important.  My usual idea is stuffed shells, but my friend's husband doesn't like ricotta, so I went with a zucchini casserole, tri-berry muffins,fruit, and a batch of chicken noodle soup with a baguette.  Honestly, getting everything together was quite a project for me last week! I drove up on Saturday, and it was really special to be able to make the trip! It's always good to see my friend, but it also really meant a lot for me to meet her little girl. We've been friends since we were freshmen in college, and truly it's such a gift to share our friendship through these different life stages!  And, a special kudos to my husband for facilitating my little day trip by keeping SC occupied!

I'm hoping to recap a few other happenings of our life lately soon, but how have you been?

On Hummingbirds

My mom gave SC a hummingbird feeder for Easter, and as soon as I saw it I knew exactly why this piece of red plastic made it's way into SC's Easter basket. My grandpa loved hummingbirds and had one right outside his spot at the kitchen window.  Of course, a hummingbird sighting is a rare thing, but every once in awhile, he would yell for us to look.  We had to be quick, but we would usually catch a glimpse of the elusive hummingbird before she flitted away. 
I'll admit that I wasn't super enthusiastic about this latest addition to the yard, but SC was.  She was determined that we do something with it, clutching it in her hands and hauling it around the house talking about the "hummybirds".  To appease her, I  mixed the sugar and water mixture together, and we went outside to hunt for a place to hang it.  I settled on a bare tree branch, figuring it was as good of a place as any.  SC then insisted that we wait until a hummingbird appears.  Fortunately, to a toddler, a regular old bird hopping around in the yard is good enough.  We gave up on a real "hummybird moseying on over", and I coaxed her inside for a nap.
Later though, I couldn't help but peer out the kitchen window, almost willing for a hummingbird to make a debut.  Of course, there was no hummingbird.  But perhaps the point is just the moment of hope and remembrance that a little bird feeder brings.

Five for Friday

This week has gone by really quickly, as we've recovered from all of our Easter fun!  We're going to have a quiet weekend, and that sounds pretty perfect to me!

A few weeks ago, I saw that Kate Spade is doing a collaboration for Chatbooks.  I'm really tempted to  finally print off all my Instagram photos. I usually just do a Shutterfly book every year, but Chatbooks seems so easy. Do any of you use them?

This recipe isn't new, and I may have mentioned it before, but this one sheet chicken pan dinner has been very popular lately. My husband and SC really like it, and it's also easy and pretty inexpensive to make. I actually just marinade the meat on one pan and end up roasting the veggies on another so I don't have to worry too much about cooking times.

Spring is slowly making a debut around here, but one thing I've really been enjoying wearing is this lemon sweater. It's just added a little pep in my step, and also inspired me to clean out my closet and fill it with things I really like.
With the nicer weather, we've been hitting up the park and we an impromptu beach park trip. I'm so glad spring is here!

With the spring weather, we also visited the farm. It was so fun to see all the baby animals!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Easter Weekend Recap!

I know this Easter recap is a few days late, but my husband's mom and grandma were here until Monday, and then a few hours later SC and I headed to my parents' house so we could help watch my niece for a bit.  So today's Wednesday feels a bit like Monday to me in terms of catching up with everything.
Truthfully, I feel a bit like this
We had a wonderful Easter, and I was really happy that my husband's mom and grandma could join us in the festivities.  It's really special for us to see them with SC.  I only grew up with one grandma, so the fact that SC has both grandmas and a great grandma is such a blessing and something I really am thankful for.

Friday morning, SC and I headed to the library to see the Easter bunny and an Easter craft, and then we stopped by the grocery store to pick up everything for the weekend!
On Saturday morning, we headed to see the Easter Bunny one final time and also did an egg hunt.  It was chilly, but SC enjoyed it!

On our way home we picked up some BBQ for an easy lunch, and then my husband's mom and grandma arrived!  We had decided to do "bunny prints" leading to SC's big present from my mother-in-law and wanted to do her gift early to spread out the activities.
She got a Lil Woodzeez doll house, which is extremely generous and so cute!  We play with the tree house that she got for Christmas almost every day, so I'm pretty sure that this is going to get just as much use if not more!  It comes with a ton of little accessories and I think it will keep us busy for months!
Sunday morning SC woke up to some gifts from the Easter Bunny! Her Papa J sent her an Abby Cadabby doll, which we put out her door as her first surprise.
 And then downstairs her Easter basket was waiting!
After everyone had woken up and had breakfast, we did a little egg hunt.  I was surprised that right after I hid them, SC immediately noticed that there were eggs in the yard.
I did some meal prep during nap time, and that evening we had our Easter dinner.  I kept the menu super simple (but honestly, that was enough work for me!) with a glazed ham, deviled eggs, roasted asparagus and carrot cake cupcakes.  My mother-in-law also made a cauliflower au gratin which was really delicious, and I plan on making soon!
That evening there were a few competitive games of Skip Bo and SC dancing with her grandma and great-grandma to All about that Base.
Monday morning, we dyed eggs together and said our goodbyes.  It was a wonderful Easter celebration, and one I will always be thankful for!