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Yesterday, the boy and I attended an engagement party for his old roommate. He needed black dress shoes to go with his suit, so I was able to convince him that we should stop by the outlets (which were just mere minutes from the party we would be attending). Fortunately, the boy did find his shoes, and he found them quickly, which allowed me to do some browsing. The most irritating thing about shopping at the outlets (or maybe shopping in general) is that there are so many things to choose from. And since the stuff is marked down a little bit, I feel compelled to want to buy them. But the stuff still isn't cheap enough for my liking. I did buy a cardigan from J.Crew, but I spent about 17 dollars on it. Not necessarily a steal, but I do think I will enjoy it. The boy managed to get a really nice cable zip-up sweater for about the same price. Somehow, I feel that his purchase was a bit wiser. And then I ended up buying some really pretty yellow bangles for my sister.

I walked around Banana Republic, Coach, and Kate Spade. I really wanted to buy something at Kate Spade. The entire store was 50 percent off, but I refrained. I still cannot justify a purchase. If they sold stationery, I know I would have been on top of it. But for handbags, wallets, or cosmetics cases, I just cannot do it. Especially, since I am going to try really hard to save money.

Then we ran out of time, and headed to the engagement party. It ended up being a pretty good time, and we saw some friends from school that we haven't seen in awhile. Nonetheless, I hadn't procured a birthday gift for my friend, so after we left the party, the boy offered to go back to the outlets. A remarkably generous offer on his part, since he hates shopping. And to be fair I am a tedious person to shop with.

So we drove back to the outlets, and I did manage to get a wristlet for my friend's birthday from Dooney and Bourke. I really don't see the point in designer handbags and such (with the exception of Kate Spade), because the bags are really just not my style. However, I am hoping that my friend will like it...and if not, I didn't spend too much. I still have enough money left over to buy her a gift card to put in the wristlet!

Up the down staircase

"Trouble is--I like high-school kids; I chose to teach them; I feel they need me."
Up the Down Staircase

So, in between grading papers, lesson plans, writing papers, and other school things, I am reading Up the Down Staircase. This book has several quotes that sum up the way it feels to be a first year teacher. Being a first year teacher is truly wonderful, but it's difficult and exhausting. The most frustrating part of it all is very few people really get that. A lot is said about education, and how we should change it, and how we should get rid of unqualified teachers etc. The truth is, I know I'm not the best teacher in the world. I yearn for experience. I'd do just about anything to have a few years under my belt. But I work as hard as I can (without going crazy). I'm giving my 99 kids every single bit that I have. Yet, it probably isn't enough.

I have no idea if my kids will pass the SOLs, or even truly learn all of the concepts that I present. Half of the time they don't bother to read what I write on their papers. I was talking to one of my other teacher friends today, and we were talking about teaching different grades. This quote strikes me, because I think there is something inherent in certain teachers that causes us to work with certain age groups. Some of my fellow teachers view middle school as a stepping stone to grander things; I can think of nothing better. We get to teach students before it is too late. Those who cannot write can still learn, and only be reasonably behind. In high school, the chance to change the child is even more difficult. College is more grand, according to some. That's when we can finally delve into the topic, but for now, I like that I can teach students skills that will impact them for the rest of their lives( despite what they'd like to think).


Usually, I hate Mondays, but I actually got 7 hours of sleep last night, and got lots of rest last weekend. So despite the fact that I had to deal with progress reports for my 99 little students, the day wasn't half bad. I also did something pretty silly last night. Thanks to Kate Spade's friends and family sale, I bought stationery. I personally, cannot believe that I did it. But I really love these little notecards. They suit me perfectly. I don't even plan on using the cards for awhile, but I just felt that I had to have them. And free shipping just sealed the deal. According to Kate Spade, my order has shipped. I'll be quite honest with you all, that thought makes me super happy. I realize the economy is horrible, and I should really save my money. So I'll eat lots of easy mac this week!


In order to brush up on some of my writing skills, I purchased Eats, Shoots and Leaves and Woe is I.

Both are useful and entertaining. Eats, Shoots and Leaves is highly entertaining; a book that can actually make punctuation gripping!

But perhaps I have just read one too many bad papers...

scarves and scrapbooks

When the boy and I first started dating, the first thing I made him was a scarf. I remember marching down to Michaels determined to buy the correct color of yarn, and agonized over the decision. And then when I knitted it up, I refused to do anything else besides concentrating on my knitting. Despite my best efforts, the scarf actually turned out below average, even for my own poor knitting skills. Yet, I gave it to him anyway, and he occasionally wore it.
Last night, I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, and if he would like a scarf. He replied yes. I feel a little nostaglic for the time passed, when a not-so-cute scarf was good enough. Sometimes I feel that I've littered our relationshp with all of my failed arts and crafts attempts. With the passage of time, I see our relationship grow through the mediocre scarf and scrapbooks! Back to grading papers!


Yesterday, I did not participate in Black Friday; however, I did go to Target to buy a few things for the students my classroom is adopting. I managed to spend 70 dollars, usually my limit is 50 dollars. Nonetheless, when I watch everybody rushing around (and a lot of us are buying obligatory junk), it kind of makes me sad that we aren't buying for the people that really need it. And sometimes the people who are buying all of the stuff really need to save their money more. I'm totally not a scrooge, I love material stuff dearly. But when I think about all of the things that some people don't have, I feel really horrible about wanting silly stuff. Originally, I wanted this post to be about Kate Spade stationery, but I guess it's turned into a casual musing on wealth!

So back to stationery! Crane and Co. has free ground shipping, and I am pondering buying some stationery. But perhaps I will confine my purchases a bit more. Anyways, if I wasn't conserving money this is what I would think about buying:

Post-it notes for my sister who loves yellow!

Notepads to keep myself organized:

And of course I'd buy the actual ticked pink cards that I posted about earlier! But alas, I will be focusing my attentions on maybe grading some papers; instead of buying paper!

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that each of you has a blessed Thanksgiving.

Here are a few materialistic objects from Kate Spade that I dearly hope make it to the after Christmas sale. I have a hard time imagining how I'd ever pay full price for any of these objects, but they are very pretty to look at!


in two months...
i will have 80-100 13 year old students to teach.
i will move to a completely new place and live by myself.
my bf will be at law school...two and a half hours away.

in three years a teacher receives tenure. in three years a boyfriend will finish law school. but what exactly will happen in these three years?

the boy just found out that he needs a suit for law school. and apparently not just any suit will do. it seems odd that he will be immersed in this lifestyle so alien to both of us right now, but eventually it will not be for him. i wonder how we will do.