Yesterday, I did not participate in Black Friday; however, I did go to Target to buy a few things for the students my classroom is adopting. I managed to spend 70 dollars, usually my limit is 50 dollars. Nonetheless, when I watch everybody rushing around (and a lot of us are buying obligatory junk), it kind of makes me sad that we aren't buying for the people that really need it. And sometimes the people who are buying all of the stuff really need to save their money more. I'm totally not a scrooge, I love material stuff dearly. But when I think about all of the things that some people don't have, I feel really horrible about wanting silly stuff. Originally, I wanted this post to be about Kate Spade stationery, but I guess it's turned into a casual musing on wealth!

So back to stationery! Crane and Co. has free ground shipping, and I am pondering buying some stationery. But perhaps I will confine my purchases a bit more. Anyways, if I wasn't conserving money this is what I would think about buying:

Post-it notes for my sister who loves yellow!

Notepads to keep myself organized:

And of course I'd buy the actual ticked pink cards that I posted about earlier! But alas, I will be focusing my attentions on maybe grading some papers; instead of buying paper!

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that each of you has a blessed Thanksgiving.

Here are a few materialistic objects from Kate Spade that I dearly hope make it to the after Christmas sale. I have a hard time imagining how I'd ever pay full price for any of these objects, but they are very pretty to look at!