these shoes are on sale...but they are still expensive! I'm trying to figure out if they are actually cute.


One of my closest friends recently got engaged and is having an engagement party. Consequently, I am trying to figure out an appropriate gift for her. A lot of suggestions run along the idea of an engraved frame. Willing to give it a try, I looked through my quote book (all the quotes that i've collected in the past couple of years). I realize that this is quite an eccentric little habit. However, everytime I look through the book I am simply struck by how beautiful language can be. I know it's terribly sentimental, but it seriously just makes me want to lock myself up in a room and read. After teaching the drudgery for awhile, we are sometimes cast out from the beauty. I know that it SHOULD NOT be this way, but a lot of times you get stuck just trying to control the students. And some really do not care a hoot. I do have some students that care, but most of them either don't care or they are just working for a grade. Really, though, they are still pretty young...most of them have no clue who Shakespeare is (not to mention the other authors that I know and love). Anyways, I digress. So a few quotes that I am contemplating engraving on a frame:

"There is such a shelter in each other." ~Zadie Smith in On Beauty
"Time is how you spend your love." again, Zadie Smith
"When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object." ~Milan Kundera (I think this last quote would sum up how I sometimes feel about the boy's objective reasoning skills. It sometimes seems so "indecent" to me)

and finally,

"Love will carry you all lengths." From Dickens' Oliver Twist

I probably won't end up doing a frame, because it looks like if I get a nice one engraved it will end up costing about $100. Craziness. I also want to do something that fits them. I just can't think of what would!

6 word poem

every week
i drive
for you.

It's Monday, so I guess I'm feeling rather sentimental. We had a teacher workday (1/2 day), which was wonderful. I love the kids, but it is amazing to just sit there and grade papers and actually catch up. Unfortunately, tomorrow will be workshops. Anyways, at least I caught up a bit. Last weekend the boy was really excited that I would be coming up to visit him. Our visit ended up being rather disjointed, which made it all the harder to leave yesterday. Mondays are always the worst because that means I have to make it through the entire week. Not to whine, but sometimes I just wish that I had a more normal life. Without distance. But then everyone has some reason why their relationship has difficulties.

Yesterday, the boy and I went to Wal Mart- I wanted to get some more material for another tablecloth in my classroom. The Wal Mart where he lives is especially depressing to me. I feel like so many people are just barely making it. I guess one lady had the wrong type of payment or something, either way, she couldn't get her groceries. She left in a huff, and then came back demanding a refund for her coupons. The boy laughed, because he had missed the original scene. I find the whole thing depressing, but he just thinks that sometimes people make bad decisions. And that's it. I think people do make bad decisions. But I also think sometimes people just have bad luck. Or that they should receive a little grace in dealing with those decisions. Either way, it looks like we will all be paying for everyone's bad decisions. Ugg.

Snow Day! (Inauguration Day)

Our school did not get Inauguration day off; however, we did experience some inclement weather. Because I was leaving from my parents' house this morning, I was not aware that it had snowed where my school is located. Fortunately, my mother came running outside at a little before six, yelling my name. School had been cancelled!

While I have some mixed feelings (my students really need every minute they can get until before the SOLs), this free day is great! I'm going to watch the election, clean my room, wrap up birthday and Valentine's day gifts, and start the futile job search for next year. I'm also going to work on making hand-outs for SOL reviews. It's absolutely wonderful to have this time to actually breathe and catch up! Even though I had Monday off, I spent it with the boy. When you spend every weekend visiting someone, it's hard to keep up with everything!

The weekend was wonderful, but I did blow my rule about not buying things that weren't essential. I ended up going to the mall and buying a really nice pair of work pants and a skirt at the GAP. The pants are petite, and fit me really well! I got both items for slightly under thirty dollars, which isn't bad (but at the same time, I'm still spending money). I also went to J.Crew and picked up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a little less than 25 dollars. The jeans were really long, but my mom hemmed them, and they look pretty good now! I really don't have that many pairs of jeans, and these will be nice to wear to work on casual Friday. Next weekend, I am not going to the mall. I have more than enough clothes, and I really shouldn't buy for anyone else. I have this horrible habit of buying stuff for other people.

Late Resolutions...

Due to a series of unfortunate events (aka I couldn't get my t.v. to work), I was unable to keep my yoga resolution the very second week of the new year. However, on week 3 I am happy to report that I have managed to do yoga for FOUR days in a row! I realize that yoga is not very intense exercise, and that perhaps I am not doing it correctly, but I feel that at least I'm doing some type of exercise! So I just want to reaffirm my goal of continuing yoga. I actually feel that the exercises are making me slightly more limber (which doesn't say very much!).

In other news, I have received the dreaded mass email saying that my school will probably be cutting some teachers. And since I'm brand new, I think I will probably be cut. And since the economy is horrible, it appears that no other counties are hiring. So I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to be doing. Consequently, the mass email has kicked me into my second goal: I will only buy what is absolutely essential for me to survive. This means gas and healthy food. Clothes do not count as an essential item. Neither does any crafting supply nor stationery. So as long as I don't go shopping, visit Target or Walmart, I should be okay. Since I live in the middle of nowhere during the week, this shouldn't be too hard! This is what you would think...

"Momentarily, preciously whole"

This weekend I realized that I will probably not find a job near the boy next year. I think we've been doing pretty good with the distance, but for some reason, the whole thing nearly spun me into depression. I know I am extremely lucky to have a job, but it sometimes seems like I am not really living my life to the fullest. It is just such a fragmented existence. Sunday night I felt really sad about facing the week and being away from everyone I loved for yet another week. But the good news is that I do have people that love me.
On the other hand, I had a fairly good Monday! Today, I don't feel like it's so bad at all. My students behaved themselves, even in 8th period when I moved their seats around (yet again!). I stayed after and even felt brave enough to go to Wal-Mart, despite the almost sure presence of parents. I really wanted to get material for the other table in my classroom. I think I'm back to "nesting", and trying to make sure that my classroom is as nice as possible. Right now it is dirty and cluttered. The problem is, I'm stuck with the stuff. Tomorrow I am going to try to tackle some of the dirt. I really want the classroom to be cute, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Any suggestions?