the dress that I wear everywhere

so, after consulting with my sister about the pink halter dress, it went back to the store. The boy said it looked nice, but I think he must have just been blinded by all the pink. Anyways, I stopped by White House Black Market, and picked up another dress. The boy didn't like this one. I thought it was flattering, and it was in black (so it was slimming). I guess I will be returning that one next weekend. I have reconciled myself to wearing the "dress that I wear everywhere." I always thought that I only owned a few dresses because I was cheap. But apparently, it is actually REALLY hard to find a cute dress. While I am still being moderately cheap (I refuse to pay full price), I have tried on quite a few dresses. So now, I'm really beginning to appreciate my dress. It is from J.Crew and is black with little white polka dots on it. I bought it on final sale two years ago for about fifty dollars. It is the Sophia cut, which is apparently the right cut for me. Not to be dramatic or anything, but this has been my go-to dress for the following occasions:
1. Cousin's wedding
2. Friend's graduation
3. My graduation
4. Grandpa's funeral
5. Parent's anniversary party
6. Friend's engagement party
7. Close friend's engagement party (coming soon in March)

I've also worn this thing to church and work. I feel that I have definitely gotten my money out of this dress! I bought a black cardigan from J.Crew after Christmas (the merino one with really pretty buttons), and I think it will look really nice with this dress. I have been wearing a beige cardigan with it up until now, so I'm kind of excited about at least switching up something.

A little pink for Valentine's Day

Currently, I have made (literally) six batches of cookies to give to my fellow teachers. I will be absent on Thursday and Friday, but I still wanted to give a Valentine's day treat. Perhaps it is because I love pink, but I have always adored this holiday. It makes no sense, because I have spent a lot of it being single. But I always like to celebrate. And by celebrate, I move beyond the bf, and like to do something for everyone in my family and now my coworkers. It's silly. But I love it. Anyways, in honor of Valentine's day, I want to celebrate pink purses.

If I ever had a million bizillion dollars to spend, I would want to buy either the big pink purse or the little pink purse. I currently have a little purse that I've had for three years that seriously cost seven dollars. I have a big bag to haul papers around that I think cost 20 dollars. Both are actually nice. My mom also sews bags, so I could never see myself actually rationalizing either of these purchases, even if they were on sale. But they make nice eye candy...and I am so tired on this Tuesday, for some reason.

questionable taste

there is a part of me that strives very, very hard to be classic.
and then there is another part of me who just loves pink shiny things.
and worse yet, there is a part of me who is just plain cheap.

the dress i bought this weekend encapsulates the last two. ugg.

at Banana Republic, i made the mistake of purchasing a dress almost similar to the one below at J.Crew. Except mine only cost $22. And yes, it is also bright pink. I don't even think the model looks very fabulous. And I definitely don't look like the model. I tried it with a cardigan, but I'm afraid that looks a bit silly too. I wanted something fabulous (yet cheap) to wear to my friend's engagement party. Why, you ask? Because the boy is not going with me. And for some odd reason, that really irks me. I don't think this dress is going to do anything though.