You know what makes everything so totally awesome?

the Bee Gees!

Yup, listening to them on repeat for four hours while I do my online classes has helped me finish a 9 page paper in four hours! Woot woot! Only one more 8 page paper to do tonight!

p.s. i hate education online classes. they are really dumb. why in the world writing about homeschooling is relevant is beyond me. and writing about No Child Left Behind just causes me to ramble and get annoyed.

p.p.s. i know i complain a lot. after this summer, i'm not taking any more online classes, so don't worry saw, i will stop complaining!

How I get lured in...

Yesterday, the boy wanted a ride to the law school. This is how he tricked me.

SJ: Want to give me a ride to the law school, and then you can stop by J.Crew?
Me: Umm...sure!

And that's how I arrived at the mall yesterday, even though the mall and the law school aren't even in the same direction. I didn't buy anything at J.Crew, because the sale stuff was very picked over. But I did head over to the GAP, a place where I've made some purchasing mistakes. Yesterday was definitely a winner. I got a pair of dress pants to wear to work and two cardigans. The pants were ten dollars! So even though I said I didn't need anything, I'm still really pumped with my new purchases. I spent a decent amount of time looking for a yellow comforter for my sister, but no luck. However, I will keep searching!

Three days at home...

I don't know if I've just been over-inundated with stuff this summer, but I feel satiated. I have plenty of clothes, plenty of belongings. At home, I see that I have more than enough things to fill an apartment. I don't need to buy anything. I've been wondering for a year now, what makes a place feel like home? When does a room, a dorm, an apartment, a house transcend just a place to sleep and become the place you belong? The obvious answer is it is filled with people you love (or at least close to them), but I think you can create a home even by yourself. I'm moving in three weeks, and I want a home, not the transitory resting place that I had last year. A home has soft blankets, plenty of pillows, soft lamplight, books, pretty knick knacks that remind you are loved, a vase for flowers. A home has brownie mixes, fresh fruit, milk, cereal. A home has stamps, a cell phone charger, envelopes, freshly sharpened pencils, pens, stationery. A home has comfortable places to sit, magazines, a t.v. A home has a frying pan, a baking pan, a cupcake pan, silverware. A home has a place where you can just be.

Thoughts on a Sunday morning, at home

I love sleeping on my bed,
surrounded by all of my
over the top
pink belongings.

It's great to hang out with my sister, and we're going to be taking a trip to Boston together! I wish the summer were just a bit longer, and I could lay on the beach and listen to the waves.

So, you can totally get over the top pink stuff, you just have to buy it at stores targeted to teens. How sad is it, that I as a 25 year old would just kill to have some of this stuff. Let's check it out!

Desk chair:

I love all the circles. If I had a million dollars, I would live in a room like this...actually, I wouldn't, but I just love all the pink.

And you can buy a pink sofa!

*All images from Pottery Barn for teens. Thank goodness, I didn't know about this stuff earlier, because I definitely would have tried to buy some of it. Fortunately, Target has fulfilled that need to have pink everything. Also, I realize that you can have too much pink. :)*

kate spade is having a sale...

and I ALMOST bought this.

which comes first: the bad style or the sale?

I realized recently that I made some bad clothing decisions last summer, I think in a desperate attempt to augment my wardrobe. I'm wearing one of my "bad decisions" right now. It's a size too big and super poofy. It does nothing for me. I bought it because it was on sale. So do I buy bad things because they're on sale, or do I just buy bad things? It's hard to figure out, because I don't really buy anything that isn't at least marginally on sale.


Beneath the hundreds of shoes of students, professors, and townies lies the cracked sidewalk; guiding us through the campus. Our barricade from honking cars, crammed traffic, and distracted drivers. On this sidewalk, about 100 feet from the intersection, you see the words "Albert loves Amanda" with a scrunched up date to document when the words were etched. Their names will be on the sidewalk, until it finally crumbles amidst the weight of continual feet and exhaust fumes. Was is a moment of infatuation that caused this romantic grafitti? Did Albert and Amanda doubt that their love wasn't as permanent as the sidewalk that was in the process of setting, so they sized on this opportunity to settle their shifting relationship? Albert and Amanda- the alliteration of their names together almost seems too perfect. Did some clever person or group of friends write the names with a stick on the new sidewalk just to have a bit of fun? Maybe to tease a real Albert or Amanda? The gesture of writing on the sidewalk has always struck me as childish. I used to think this was because it is an act of vandalism, but now I realize it's just terribly naive to embrace the permanence the sidewalk offers. People are always drifting, closer together, apart. All the while feet move on the sidewalk.

my trip to the grocery store

"but who among us could live a truly intellectual life?"

Those words echo in my head biting into a blueberry, walking back from class, sitting in the silence of my lamp. I can't.

The quote goes on to say that it would take too much energy, too much attention to the sensory input. We simply couldn't take it. There are moments of our lives where the perfect sweetness of a plump blueberry isn't bothered with. In these moments, we are lucky to be buying blueberries and washing them for our snacks. Sometimes, the blueberries are forgotten about, and they grow moldy in the back of the fridge. We are forced to toss them and try again; that's the trick with perishable food. A constant cycle of buying, consuming, forgetting.

Happy 4th of July!

I really wanted to go home, but since I hung out with my awesome sister yesterday, I really needed to do work. So I'm at the law school with SJ, pretending to do work. I would have immediately started working, except SJ managed to open up a can of cherry soda and promptly drench his entire left side, including his flip flop. It was a sight to see him limping to the bathroom with cherry soda dripping everywhere. Anyways, I'm off to explore how I'm going to go be a better teacher next year! Woot woot. Education is a big part of freedom, right? :)