And I'm still thinking about weddings

This past weekend, my mom and I went to look at a venue for the reception site close to the church where the boy and I will be getting married. I liked one place, because it's by the water, but because it would be catered, it will be expensive. I think we just have to decide if we want to actually spend money to have a nice reception.

In more exciting news, I got to see my amazing sister, and bored her to death with wedding junk! I had gone dress shopping at David's Bridal with my mom the day before when I went home. There was one dress that I liked, but when my sister saw my sophia J. Crew dress, she and I decided that the dress is still the best option. I'm pretty excited, because I have loved the J.Crew Sophia dress since it came out! The silk chiffon one I ordered(and posted about) is a hot mess. The plain one is still definitely the best!

What about this dress?

J.Crew updated their webpage with new arrivals! Of course, they would have updated with the Sophia dress in silk chiffon...something which I think maybe makes the dress better. After I've already ordered the other dress to try on!

I'm engaged!

We bought a ring on Sunday, and the boy asked my parents' on my Dad's birthday (also on Sunday). He proposed today. I'm so excited and happy!

A dress for a friend's wedding

So Friday night, I had an unfortunate incident with the dress that I was going to wear to a wedding. I was really upset (read very cranky), even though it was only a silly Target dress. This may be only a Target dress, but it is pretty darn fabulous. In a panic, I looked up the dress online and it got great reviews..."perfect to wear to an afternoon wedding"..."very flattering"..."my boyfriend thought I looked cute"...yes, I agreed with all those comments! Fortunately (because of the awesomeness that is Target, I was able to find the dress in my size at the Target close to the wedding. While the cardigan covers up most of the dress (and the twist neckline which is very cute) here is a picture of the boy and I after the ceremony (which was beautiful). I'm looking forward to wearing the dress again, but without the cardigan. Happy Sunday!