Happy New Year's!

My sister and I have been cleaning out all of the junk that we've somehow managed to accumulate in our rooms at my parents. I've gone through some of my stuff, but I haven't parted with too much stuff. On the otherhand, my sister has attacked her room with a vengenance and has really edited her belongings. In a few minutes, I'm going to get off my bottom and do the same. My beetle is packed full of stuff. Some of it is junk, and some of it will be useful to someone else. The important thing is that we're passing on the stuff for someone else. In the new year, I've decided that I'm going to try to be a wiser consumer of things, food, and time. I want to focus on what really matters; instead of getting weighed down by the clutter.

It's a good 9 days into Christmas Break...

and all I've really done is get snowed in, celebrate Christmas, and do wedding stuff. The good news, is lots of progress has been made for the wedding. The boy and I have found a photographer who is really nice and will do our wedding pictures and an engagement shoot for a really reasonable price. It's a big relief, because for awhile I was tempted to blow lots of money on pictures. In the end, I realized that even if the photographer is horrible other people will still be taking pictures.

Even more importantly, I've purchased my wedding dress! I really love it, and I know it's the right one because I don't want to show it to the boy and ask his opinion. I feel very confident. It's a Casablanca dress and all lace; I think it's very romantic looking and will really suit the day.

My mom and I also went crazy at Macy's and bought Martha Stewart cake plates. I know I want to do a cupcake tower at the wedding, because cupcakes are substantially cheaper. We bought different size cake plates, and we will have three tiers of three. I think it will be able to hold about 80 cupcakes, and then my mom and I decided that we could put cake plates with cupcakes at each of the tables. Thus, the centerpiece dilemma (by dilemma, I mean I don't want to blow money on flowers for the tables) is solved. I'm not sure exactly how much money we're saving when it's all said and done, but I really think the arrangement is going to work well. We're also going to stick little flags in the cupcakes at the table, to give it even more height. All in all, it's causal, but still appropriate I think.

Even more exciting is the Save the Dates arrived! I absolutely love them. I thought that maybe they wouldn't be very nice, but the cardstock is a good weight and the printing looks very nice. I can't wait to send them out. :)

* Cupcake tower from Martha Stewart Weddings

Wedding Inspiration Board via Dessy

Images from left to right
First Row: Rebecca Thuss, Brooks Brothers
Second Row: Martha Stewart, Wedding Paper Divas

All shoveled out...

My sister and I finally made it out of town, and to our parents! The roads around town were pretty bad, but it is so exciting to be out of the boy's efficiency and at home. But it made me realize that the four day snowed in adventure has killed quite a bit of break and nearly left all three of us at a breaking point. I had a dream last night about teaching my kiddos Romeo and Juliet and having nothing to say to them...some lesson planning is definitely in my future. Tomorrow, my sister and I are heading down to historic Williamsburg for some family fun and hopefully some outlet shopping. I'm pretty much done with any Christmas shopping that I'm going to do. The boy went home with a bag full of gifts to distribute to his side of the family; the only trick will be if he remembers to give them to the appropriate people. Last year, they sat in his trunk until after Christmas.

Almost two weeks of freedom and I realize that I want to do the following...

For school:
-Lesson plan for Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet
-Grade all essays

For the wedding:
-Purchase amazingly beautiful wedding dress
-Address and send out save the dates
-Finalize guest list
-Hire photographer

For my sanity:
-Begin some sort of exercise program
-Organize personal belongings
-See the boy :)
-Watch insane amount of chick flicks with my sister

Still snowed in...

We've been snowed in since Friday evening. A small space and three people, and somehow my sister has refrained from trying to kill me. I think we're going to try to dig ourselves out of here today, but to be honest even that isn't looking so good. And by digging myself out, I mean waiting for the people at the apartment complex to finish clearing the road.

So in these past few days, I've managed to do quite a bit of online shopping. I bought Save the Dates, although I seriously thought the boy and my sister were going to hurt me if I talked about them anymore. I'm a little bit crazy, so really it would be justified. The problem wasn't actually which design to pick. I've always really like this design, and the boy thought it wasn't too girly. Or it was less girly than the other designs.

So I was all set to go with the invitation, when I realized that I couldn't fit our wedding website address on it. Now, I've been told that people don't look at wedding websites, but I really want a central place where I can post directions, hotel information, and know where we are registered at. To be honest, I just don't want to have to send all that stuff out in an invitation, because it would look tacky. The 9.99 Martha Stewart Wedding Invitations that I got 75 percent off are decidedly not tacky. I don't want to ruin it. (I'm being sarcastic here). Fortunately, my sister who actually has some sort of idea about aesthetics helped me figure out how to put everything on the little birdie save the date. So our save the dates are done!

In other news, I bought this ornament for the boy's mom who loves peace signs. I got it at the Pottery Barn of all places. On sale and free shipping made it a no brainer.

The Christmas Conundrum

I love Christmas. I love the music, putting up the Christmas tree, being with family and friends, sending out the Christmas cards, and most certainly buying Christmas gifts.

Christmas gifts. I love to buy stuff for people,but only when I see something they would like or need. And when I see that "essential" item, I promptly buy it and give it to them. What can I say, I lack self control. Which means when Christmas rolls around, I don't have many ideas for people.

For instance, the boy. He is picky, and half the time I just end up returning what I bought him. Even last Christmas, when I bought him AN XBOX, we still had to return it, because he thought it was making a clicking sound. It wasn't a big deal, but even a gift that you would think would be fool-proof, I somehow messed up.

Next up, my mother. She doesn't even really want us to get Christmas presents for her, because she has everything she could possibly want. We used to get her and my dad a gift card to go out to dinner, but apparently my mom thinks even that is too much to keep up with...so really, I have no clue what to get her. We also used to get her lotion and stuff from Bath and Body Works, but she has tons of it...so again...who knows what she will get?

My dad will probably get some peanuts. They'll be nice peanuts, and he will enjoy them (other members of the family will too, probably), but it still feels like a lame gift.

I realize that you give your parents non-materialistic things. Like helping around the house, etc., but it's still nice to give someone you care about a small token of your love. I love to show people I care by buying them things. It's bad, but that is how I roll. It's not that things are the only thing that make me happy, but sometimes little, sweet, thoughtful things show that you care and you are listening to what that person likes, needs, and enjoys.

This year, I have some stuff wrapped up under the tree, but I don't really have any great gifts. They aren't terribly thoughtful or original. In fact, I think my brother is going to get stuck with a candle (he loves these things though, because he burns them and they make his room less smelly. He is that gross...) and some cash. Even though I have put forth some effort, it just seems like for some people I'm fulfilling an obligation, which is the exact opposite of what I want to do and show. So that's the thing with gifts, you have to recognize that they are just a token. A little thing that at least shows that you thought of them.

Wonderful Wednesday!

All day yesterday, my students kept asking me, "do you think it will snow...do you think it will snow?!! Do you think we will be here tomorrow? DO YOU THINK IT WILL SNOW?" Every time they asked, I got a little bit more hopeful.

So hopeful, in fact, that I left school at the early hour of 4:30, just in case it started to snow and I got stuck in nasty weather.

It didn't snow. It rained, and rained, and rained.

I went to bed dismally disappointed, cursing the lack of a three degree temperature drop.

And then the phone rang at 5:07, "Hello, school has been cancelled due to flooding, twelve months employees should still report."

That's what I'm talking about! So I jumped around for a bit, turned off my alarms for 5:50 and 6:05 (I'm a bit paranoid), and went back to sleep.

Which brings me to why this Wednesday is so wonderful: I get the day off to grade papers, lesson plan, go to the post office, and troll the Internet looking at wedding stuff.

The boy has pointed out that I am possibly the most boring person ever; I have no interests. And this is true. I love clothes and just stuff in general, but I hate clutter and I pretty much get into a clothing rut. I wear pretty much the same five pairs of pants week in and week out. I alternate between sweaters and button down shirts for tops, and I wear the same earrings almost every day. So, even though clothing interests me, it doesn't show. At twenty-five years old I still have no idea how to look put together. I always say it's because I'm not thin, but I actually think that isn't the only thing. I'm missing a certain pizzaz. I think some of it might be in the shoes; I opt for comfort over and over again. So today, I also might do laundry and try to figure out what that thing is.

"Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm." ~Emerson

It's snowing!

As I was reading this morning the phone rang! My sister was calling to inform me of two very important pieces of news:
1. It is snowing!
2. Volkswagon is going to stop making the Beetle. [Hold the phone! Stop the bus!]

The depths of my sadness regarding the second piece of news is impossible to relate. I urged her to consider purchasing a Beetle ASAP. I urge all people everywhere to consider going out and buying a Beetle. If I had extra money lying around, I would go out and buy another Beetle. I need to be prepared if something happens to my beloved. (Wait, I have my wedding fund and savings...surely this is what that money is for!)Since I think the boy...and parents...and random strangers would protest, I will have to content myself with a letter writing campaign to Volkswagon...

On Monday morning, I will set my students to work.

But the real point of this post was to show what I found this morning at katespade.com. The place where my sister and the boy wish I would stay away from (more people would probably wish I stayed away from there too, it's just these two people are the only one who know of my obsession and care about my spending habits).

Because I am going to be stuck inside all weekend (it is still snowing!), I decided that I could splurge on the Kate Spade Calendar. The calendar looks lovely, and really isn't overpriced for a calendar. I'm really buying it for the months of February and September. The stacks of books in February make me want to tear the picture out, frame it, and promptly hang it up. I knew I would be helpless to resist this lovely little calendar when I read that each month "turns a playful eye toward some of the most mischievous, puzzling words in the english language." As I cut and paste that quote I notice that Kate Spade neglected to capitalize English. Now, I'm a little worried that they can handle being witty with difficult words in the English language. ;)

Regardless, the calendar looks fabulous, and I can't wait!