Chick Lit

I have a confession: the books that got me to read were the books from Babysitters Club series. I then devoured Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Sweet Valley High, all the L.M. Montgomery books and then all the books about the Pleasant Company dolls. It's a bit embarrassing that the The Babysitters Club is what hooked me on reading. But I admit it, I am a sucker for a series. As I got older, I gave up all of those silly series and swore off that genre of literature. I fell equally in love with the "classics"; although, I still haven't made it through Anna Karenina. While getting ready for a long flight, I decided to buy a book. I choose "Love the One You're With." Definite "chick lit." I feel guilty for liking it. But I do. It's definitely not a classic, there are a few good moments. But there are also some serious over the top cliched moments. Actually, a lot. To be fair, there wasn't a lot of selection at the airport bookstore. Half the reason why I bought it is she graduated from the same school that the boy is at now. In some odd sort of way, I feel that the two schools that she went to really shows in the novel. I also try to tell myself that the "classics" weren't always classic. I tell myself that Jane Austen used to be scorned and that Dickens was populous. Seriously, though? The bottom line is I bought a chick lit book and I liked it. So there.

my kiddos are silly

I had to miss yesterday, and all of my kiddos wanted to know where I was. (They missed me because they had a strict sub). They wondered if I had gotten married (because that's what so many teachers do when they're absent...?). Then they wanted to know if they'd get invited to my wedding, if I did get married. Finally, they ruled out my getting married, because my name didn't change. I didn't dare bring up the point that my name could stay the same if I did get married.

trying to be patient and philosophical...

but i really want this job that I'm inteviewing for.

and not to be negative, but I just have this feeling that it's not meant to be.

I feel like I'm being tortured.

What a difference a year makes!

Because I have so much delightful time in my car to think, I noticed that it was this time last year that I had my interview to teach at my school. I remember seeing the other English teacher's classroom and yearning for a room of my own. I felt so ready to teach. I wanted it more than anything else. So, when they hired me, I jumped for it. Then I packed my bags to go live with my sister for the summer and to see the boy. In August, I moved down to the middle of seemingly nowhere. A place where they are lucky to have a grocery store. A place where there is no blockbuster, and certainly not a bookstore. And most of all, I moved into my very own classroom, complete with five sets of students that cycle in and out of my room every fifty minutes. Students that leave paper on the floor, gum under the desk, "accidentally" pull up the blinds, throw paper airplanes, and somehow shove a glue stick on my clock. The place still seems foreign to me. And I still struggle. But slowly parts of it feel right. I still walk down the hall happy to have a classroom of my own. Thrilled that I have my own students to care and worry about. I realize that I still have a long way to go in the school year, but it's crazy to think how different my life was last year compared to now.

It's almost Friday!

Anyways, the sun came out eventually today, and I'm feeling pretty good. I enjoyed running yesterday, but got sick at night. I'm not doing that for awhile, but I'll do yoga tonight. We had our new teacher meeting yesterday (the last one) and apparently teachers have a high stress level. Who would have guessed it?

I will miss my kiddos, but I'm looking forward to next year. There are so many things I will do differently. Now, if they have an actual affect or not is another thing. For instance, we will practice procedures WAY more at the beginning of the year. It's great that I now actually understand some of the procedures kids have no clue about. Things you would think would be common sense. Totally clueless. Rant over.

So in other news, I think I'm going to go to my alma mater's graduation for a few of my friends. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear. Would it be too casual to wear a polo and a pencil skirt? I hope not, because that's my plan.

I went to J.Crew last weekend and bought this

I also got my sister a pair of navy pants for her b-day. More importantly, I tried on the purple shirt (the one you think is ugly, SJ), and I also wasn't such a fan. I like it a lot in the blue stripes. And by like it a lot, I mean that I may get it if it goes on sale.

But don't worry I've found something new to lust over...and that is the beauty of this blog. I get to look and love stuff without owning it. Half the fun is just seeing the stuff. Woot. woot. I know it'd be impractical, and I probably wouldn't use it. Most likely, I'd just look at it and admire it all of the time. Now, that wouldn't be terribly productive, would it?

Rainy day...

It really helps me to come down to the lake on Sunday nights, because I get to unpack all of my stuff and go grocery shopping for the week. I also sleep better knowing that I won't have to wake up until 6:15, but it cuts the weekend a bit short. That said, I feel I started my week off correctly. Today, the rain just kind of messed everything up. The kids were crazy. There were two fights today, and my kiddos were wound up. It felt like it should be Friday. At least Thursday. But's Tuesday? I'm sort of dreading tomorrow, since they were so rough today. Hopefully, it's just the rain.

So, last week I did super well with my diet program...umm, lifestyle change. I stuck to it, even when I didn't want to. This week, has been a little trickier. I've lost a few pounds, so I should be excited and motivated. But I'm not. Yup, I'm really truly not. I'm doing well during the day, which is hard. This week is teacher appreciation week, and apparently, they are appreciating us by trying to fatten us up. Now, I am super duper appreciative of anybody doing anything, so don't get me wrong. I'm actually surprised that anybody is doing anything. But today the rotary club brought glazed donuts. And yesterday, the secretaries made us some really yummy looking snacks. Now, it's difficult to walk into the teachers' lounge during planning and be bombarded with some of my favorite things (well, actually, any food would go on a list of my favorite things). But don't worry folks, I bravely munch on my celery and trudge on. Yesterday, I had a headache, so I didn't exercise. But today, I REALLY NEED TO GET TO IT. I'm did such a great job last week. I kid you not, I think I actually lost at least two pounds ( Don't worry, I got on a scale, I'm not just making this stuff up). That's great for me, because I really stink at dieting. I mean, I am a diet/exercise failure. But not anymore, I think I've hyped myself up enough to go for a run?

Splendid Summer

As you can see, I've been looking through lots of House Beautifuls lately. I love to look at all the pictures of beach houses with all of the summer splendor. Even though I live close to the lake on the weekdays I forget about it during the winter. This morning, on my way to work, the sun was rising over the lake and it looked beautiful and made me lonely for summer. And then I realized summer will be here soon. In a week, the boy will be done with his first year of law school and be starting his summer job. Which got me thinking about all of the things I love about summer; mainly I love the peacefulness of it. When I was a kid, my whole family would go visit my grandparents in Montana. The days would be spent with reading, walking and just talking. The days were spent in stillness. I've been lucky enough to go to Maine to visit the boy's grandparents, and it gives me the same feeling. They are close to the water, and I love hearing the waves. In the evenings the boy and I will stay up playing cards and talking; it just seems so relaxed and pleasant. Sometimes you can hear voices outside your window, but overall it is very still. I love the way the mornings feel: no obligations, the freshness of the morning air, and the murmur of voices.

i like this room too...

it just seems so sweet.


So I started this blog as a place for me to basically lust over stuff from J.Crew. I love material stuff. I have no idea how this could have happened, as my parents aren't materialistic at all. And I have to drag my sister shopping. Shopping with her is absolutely no fun at all...she has a price limit when she goes to the grocery store. My friends usually don't get their kicks from J.Crew either...actually, I believe one of my good friends ridicules it. But that's another story for another day. So I started this blog to just randomly admire J.Crew and all other materialistic stuff.

And then I started teaching and used this as another place to whine.

And then I told the boy about my blog over my Spring Break (yup I came out of the closet). Now, the boy doesn't care about shopping, that's part of the reason why I started this blog. But he's the only one who reads my blog, so I feel rather stupid posting about the stuff that I would want to post about. I just wanted to get all of that off my chest.

Okay, so in other news, I've been thinking about my personal tastes in decorating. We've all seen the tacky picture of my home down by the lake. It's clear that it is a make-shift area for me, and it's only for me. In other words, if I want to put up a picture of pink polka dots, I can knock myself out. Because no one will see it. But then there is this other side of me that loves to be more sophisticated. And therein lies the problem. I will thumb through House Beautiful and literally hyperventilate, because my tastes are at complete odds with each other. I'm also the person who hates clutter, but loves junk.

I think this bedroom from House Beautiful manages the color nicely. It's a beach house, and I think the blue is lovely.

more blue...

Mother's Day Shopping

I decided to come visit the boy, even though he still has two exams left. Last night, we hung out together for about forty minutes, and then he headed back to the law school to study. He's at the law school all day today too, but it's nice just to see each other for a few minutes. Anyways, I'm taking advantage of Saturday to shop for my mom. Last year, I gave her a Vera Bradley coin/key chain, which she has been using non-stop since last year. As you can imagine the thing is dirty. Last night she told me that she washed it, but it's still a wreck. So, this year we are giving her a replacement. My mom hates carrying around purses, so this thing is perfect for her.

I also trolled off to Hallmark (probably one of the most dangerous places for me to go besides J.Crew). I don't know why, but I love that store. I found my dad a great Mother's day card to give my mom, and I found her a Willow Angel. Since I bought the other cards last week, I think I'm done with Mother's day. Now, I just have to figure out what to give her for her b-day at the end of May!

To my detriment, I stopped by Novel and bought my sister the prettiest yellow sticky note pad (Her b-day's at the end of May too).

I also got an "L" key chain for me with pink polka dots on it. I realize I shouldn't have bought it, but I love pink polka dots. And they only had one. So, can you imagine how sad I'd be without it? I also got a notepad and a keychain like mine for a teacher that I work with (the one who everyone didn't want to pay for doing secretary appreciation week). I just wanted to get her a little something, since she does so much for all of us.

Anyways, this afternoon will be devoted to yoga, grading spelling quizzes, and doing the assignment sheet for my students' poetry project. Happy weekend!