I survived my first day...

I'm not exactly sure how the rest of the year is going to play out, but it's one day down! Even though it's a new school, it does feel better to have been a teacher for a year.

Back to school...

I've been back to school for one week now, but I still feel like I have so much to do. My new county didn't actually force us through a lot of meetings or new teacher training, and I felt like I did a decent amount of work last week. Yet, I still feel like there is so much to do. I wonder how I ever got anything off the ground last year. Seriously. I had no clue what I was doing, and I somehow survived. So surely, I will figure out how to make it this year. I read a few good books last week, one on classroom management, the other one how to divide up the block period. Bits and pieces of both of them will hopefully be used in my instruction next year.

We had an inservice today about literacy, the fact that high school students roughly enter and leave h.s. with the same reading level blows my mind. While they were presenting, I sat there thinking about the statistics. I always feel very passionate about how we have to work to change the system, even though there are so many odds working against the students. Before this summer, I really did feel helpless. Now, I still feel like the deck is stacked, but I feel that I have some tools. The real test will be if I feel this way after school has started. The summer institute really did make develop my perspective as an educator, and less as a passive teacher. Tonight, I'm going to look over Katie Wood Ray's Study Driven and The Discipline Survival Kit for Secondary Teachers. I also need to actually read the readings that I will be teaching. I know that eventually all of this obsessive reading of teaching books will end, and it will just be the students and me. But right now I feel like it's right before exams and my test is in a week.

Done with my summer classes!

15 credits are behind me!!!

Now, I'm ready to get ready for the school year. :)

All moved in :)

I'm all moved in thanks to my parents, my sister and SJ. Somehow everyone dealt with my craziness, and my dear, dear sister suffered through a long trip at Target. Tomorrow I go to get my classroom settled in, and start to organize and create my lesson plans!

P.S. After my sister helped me organize my closet, (which looks great!) I've decided no more buying clothes for the next month. I have plenty!

I have the most awesome sister ever!

So, I was sitting on the futon, talking to my sister when there is a knock on the door! SJ motioned for me to answer it because he was on the phone.

But we weren't expecting anybody...and nobody knows I live here...

It was the UPS man! But I haven't ordered anything!

My sister had though! She bought me the pink polka dot desk chair for my new apartment. (yeah, the pink polka dot chair I blogged about earlier). I love, love, love it. I can't wait to sit in it and grade papers. Oh la la, I'm so happy. :)

And my sister is coming to see me in a few hours to help me move in/go to the dentist and eye doctor. She is the greatest!

Here we are at the Wright Brothers Museum earlier this summer. :)

Awesome things...

1. I got my car fixed today and it didn't cost over 100 dollars! Woot, woot!
2. I got the keys to my classroom!!
3. My sick days from my other county will be transferring to my new school!
4. I got my sister a yellow table from Ikea for $7.99. Seriously, for 8 dollars, it just seems so crazy cheap. and cute.
5. I am done with my human resources paper work!
6. I am making progress with my online classes.

And in honor of my sister, I will leave you with the amazing yellow things you can buy at Ikea, since she loves yellow.

Now true, most of this stuff is probably not exactly quality...but all of this would set you back less than 40 dollars. That's three bursts of color reasonable priced, I think. And really, who can put a price on a bit of sunshine in our day?

And I love Ikea. :) I want to go there after I move in. Which brings me to my last awesome thing...

In less than a week I will be moving into my new apartment. :)