I'm thankful.

While this post is late for the Thanksgiving festivities, this weekend of being with my sister and going home gave me a little bit of time to experience and think about all the things that I'm so thankful for.

I'm thankful for my sister, who patiently listens to me mull over silly wedding details and other mundane aspects of my life. I'm thankful that she is always there for me, and now lives a little bit closer. I'm thankful for my parents, that they always know how to make home feel that way. I'm thankful for my brother and the certain pizazz he adds to our family. I'm thankful for the boy, for someone who is perfectly content to just watch tv on a Saturday night. I'm thankful that he's crazy enough to marry me, and patient enough to tolerate my silliness. I'm thankful to have an apartment that feels like a home for me. I'm thankful to have put up a Christmas tree this year, complete with all pink ornaments. I'm thankful to have a job that makes a small difference. I'm thankful to not be hungry. I'm thankful to be loved.


I'm pretty excited because Monday and Tuesday are teacher workdays, which means I have a week break from my kiddos. Last week actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it's great to just have a break from everything. Which means that I have had time to obsess over silly wedding stuff. Seriously though, there are so many details, half of which I didn't even realize existed!

The boy and I still have some time to figure everything out, but time is going to move quickly! On Wednesday, my mom and sister are going to go bridal dress shopping with me. Hopefully, I can get a little closer to nailing down the actual dress that I want. I ordered this dress from J.Crew:

It's absolutely gorgeous- it has great detailing. It's still really casual (and the material breathes a bit) because it is cotton. My mom and sister are going to see it this Wednesday too, and I'm really curious if they will like it. When I saw it, I was blown away by all of the detailing. The only thing that bothers me is that it has a definite print (which I like), but may come across as too casual. Also the beading may appear to random.

I realized this morning that I don't really have a clear idea for how I want the wedding to look. Actually, the problem is that I have two ideas of how I want the wedding to be. One is fun, casual, (think pink polka dots, picnic lunch) and the other is simple and elegant. I want both, which means my wedding is going to be a train wreck! I also want to do everything at a fairly reasonable price. So there you have it.

We have a date, a church, and a reception site..

really what else is there to having a wedding?

just kidding, but it's a relief to have things set! :)

more save the dates

Save the Dates

So, I've spent the better half of today looking at some fun save the dates from Wedding Paper Divas.

Nevermind all the things (a venue, a date, a dress, a photographer, flowers)that we don't have yet.

Actually, I feel like I have an idea for almost all of that stuff, it's just a matter of bringing it together and convincing everybody else.

The wedding invitations have already been purchased for 9.99 (Martha Stewart 75 percent off) and are generic. So, I want fun save the dates that will show that the event is casual, but inject a bit of color and pizzaz.

These are the five I've been thinking of, from Wedding Paper Divas:

Adorable Wedding Posted on Snippet and Ink

I love this wedding featured on Snippet and Ink. The best part of all is that lots of the sweet details just took talent and time!
The cake is very sweet looking, and I love her flower bouquet (that she made!).
The best part is the sign at the end.



It's Friday, and even though we had Election Day off, I'm ready for it! For some reason, I've just felt really blah. The boy and I still haven't picked a wedding reception site, and I don't feel like pushing it with my parents and their differing opinions. Basically, it seems that wedding planning leads to conflict, something I strive to avoid.

School is going pretty blah, although I did get my crazy 2nd period to take notes for the entire period. I didn't mean for it to go that long, it's just the assignment takes awhile! As a whole, everything still feels like it's a mess. So I'll leave you with pretty shoes, that I think would be great wedding shoes if they went on sale. Happy Friday!