Three day weekend!

Yesterday it rained all day; for some reason the rain really gets me down. The boy and I cleaned up his room a little bit...err, I watched him sort his stuff for awhile and then decided it was boring and went shopping. Anyways, I did help him get the whole project started, and his place looks lots better now. It didn't look really bad before, but just the daily accumulation of stuff.

Anyways, while I was shopping I went over to Banana Republic and picked up these flats for $18. I was really excited because the other flats that I wear all the time are wearing out (umm I can feel the texture of the ground while wearing them). The boy doesn't like the rose, but I love it. I think they will be great to wear to school.

I'm so happy to get today off! The boy and I may venture to Target today to register for our wedding. I know it's really early, but the boy is still on break for school. I feel that now might be a good time to register, because the spring will be busy with exams for him, and then in the summer he will be working. Also, a three day weekend means it might be less busy today then on a usual Saturday. And to top it all off, I figure if we mess up registering we can always change the items we've registered for. We don't really need very much; I think we're going to basically be registering for towels,a comforter, sheets, a bathroom rug and a vacuum cleaner. I really want to register for everyday china, but we will be doing that at Macy's (I think). We also haven't figured out the china yet. But that's a conundrum for another day!

Clothes and closets

At the end of the summer, the boy and I will get married, and we will move in together. While I am wildly excited about this prospect, sometimes I get a little anxious thinking about it. I'm not worried about actually living together, but the thought of all of our stuff together scares me a bit. Currently, I live by myself in a one bedroom apartment. And I've managed to fill this apartment all by myself.

When we get married, we will move into an apartment in this complex. It will also be a one bedroom. So, some of my stuff will have to go. I just haven't figured out exactly what. I like to console myself that there is lots of wasted space (there is a little bit of that). I also tell myself that some of my stuff will go back to my parents' house. But when I look at my closet...somehow I've managed to fill the closet with all of my stuff...err...clothes. So today, I spent some of my sick day trying to go through some of the stuff, and try to evaluate what I really need and don't need.

Reader, I need no more clothes.

The upside of strep throat...

Time to think.

After four days of suspecting strep throat, I went to a doctor, and she announced that I do indeed have strep. I've had one dose of the antibiotic, but it hasn't kicked in yet. I feel a bit better, but that's only because I ate something.

I'm taking tomorrow off, with some fear and trepediation. I know my kids will go crazy, but I really feel physically unable to make it through the day successfully. I feel well enough to sit and drink tea quietly, but anything else is really just too much. Last night I started to feel worse, I think because of the yelling at school, but also knowing that I could be on antibiotics and not be miserable.

Anyways, over the weekend, while sick, I read this:

And I enjoyed it. The boy's aunt gave it to me for Christmas, and with it, she helped remind me that I really need to read for pleasure more. It's so difficult to get caught up in processing paper and preparing lessons for the next day (or just mindlessly checking out and watching t.v. with the boy) . I'm ashamed to admit that the only thing I read over Christmas break was Julius Caesar.

This weekend I also found out that the Borders near me is closing, and all books were 50 percent off. I bought two John Irving novels, both of which I'm pretty sure will kick start me into reading more. I read A Prayer for Owen Meaney right before I went to college, and it validated my decision to become an English major. At one point in the novel, Owen tells the other character, that it's okay just to be a reader, and that if you find something you care about in life you must fight for it. I still find comfort in that idea today.

First week into the new year...

I made it through my first week back to school. Already, I managed to get observed twice (ick), and get a really sore throat making Thursday and Friday miserable. I still can't figure out if I have strep throat or my voice is rebelling for yelling 270 minutes every single day. It's a tough call. Anyways, it's been great for my new year of consuming less, so I'm convinced that even God thinks my New Year's resolution was a good idea.

Instead of my usual weekend pattern of shopping (ahh, my favorite pastime), I spent that time returning some of the stuff I had bought and realized that (gasp!) I really didn't need it after all. The shock! I'm not going to go so far as to say that I'm not going to buy stuff anymore, but I am going to try to ask myself every time the question, "how does buying this affect my life positively?" We will see how that plan goes.

I actually did yoga today (my one small accomplishment). So now that I've realized that I have everything that I could possibly want, I've been thinking about my sister. She also has everything she wants, but I think her apartment could do with a little bit of a makeover. The apartment itself is fairly old, but I think it's actually really cute looking. I just think it needs to be cutified a little bit more. So far I'm thinking that this room from Pottery Barn Teen is pretty nice (she loves yellow). Obviously, it would need a bit more maturity to the room, but I love the white, navy, and yellow.