And Back to China Again!

Somehow, I managed to convince the boy to come look at china patterns with me on Saturday (I'm not exactly sure how this could be a combination of me talking about it all the time or a free lunch offer). We went to Belk, and looked at Lenox and Waterford, concentrating on Kate Spade. They had Union Street, Library Lane, Belle Blvd, and Gardner Avenue. I really loved Gardner Avenue in real life, but it is a little busy in the center and the boy hated it. Ugg.

The boy liked Union Street the best, but as we looked at the china longer, we realized it was a bit absurd to spend hundreds of dollars on plates. I brought up that Library Lane in navy was on sale online, so we settled on that, and went off to lunch.

And indeed it was on sale online, but they only had a few pieces. So now we were back at the same point. After staring at the computer screen for an hour, I really felt disheartened. I was so excited about the thought of actually getting china! I know china pales in comparison to real problems, but I was so happy that we could buy the plates for 75 percent off and not feel horribly wasteful.

Anyways, we decided to register for just the dinner and salad plates, in hopes that we might get a few of the pieces. We went with Union Street in the end. After today's china adventures, I think I'm beginning to understand why my mom didn't want me to bother registering in the first place!

Diverting Friday

One of my students' vocab words is diverting...I feel that this Friday I'm in desperate need of some sort of diverting interest aka, why I like to be online and look at pretty things and all of the things that keep life interesting.

These are the first contender. They've been posted and written about, but they are very pretty and deserve a mention.

Next up, the boy and I have watched the first two seasons of Arrested Development. If that show isn't the very essence of diverting, I don't know what is.

J.Crew's new arrivals for the month always cause a bit of splash. Even though I haven't bought anything from J.Crew for awhile (I think it actually has been a whole month for that store of no buying), I still get excited by new arrivals. I didn't see anything that I couldn't live without, but you never know how the tune will change when sale time arrives.

And finally, I'm continuing to think of the china pattern. Although, my students' also read "The Gift of the Magi" this week, and it kind of made me rethink that even registering was tacky. China is just not what the wedding is about. (Although my little materialistic heart wants to argue that china is part of creating a home!)

Wedding China

Originally (a few weeks ago), the boy and I registered for some everyday china. We picked the Martha Stewart black stripped and flowered plates. We registered for them after seeing them online, but after seeing them in person, I've decided that they are a no go. I really love the idea of china, and truly can get all worked up about it. It'd be pretty easy to register for a set, but china is expensive. I guess that's the point, and why you would try to convince your guests to buy it for you, but knowing how much the china costs makes it difficult to rationalize registering for anything. I lobbied to register for the Martha Stewart pattern because it was relatively cheap. Upon seeing it, I realize that I will complain about it for awhile and then either get distracted by some other shiny thing or go out and try to weasel my way into some china. To avoid this debacle I'm rethinking the registry. Here are the candidates. And yes, I realize they're all Kate Spade but I really like Kate Spade and this is my one shot to get these dishes. I probably won't even get them, but if ever I would get them, this would be the time.

First up, Library Lane. Pros: It's simple, classic, the dinner plates are on sale at Belks and has a great name
Cons: It's expensive...but that will be a prevailing theme. It's also rather plain. Hence, the classic.

Next, I looked at Gardner Street. I like this one because it's more feminine, but still basic. Like all the others it's expensive and is probably not something the boy would like. I also couldn't register for the polka dot accent plates.

Pebble point is also really cute because it has little raised polka dots.

I also like this one, but I think it's too swirly.

This last one, I have a cup in the green pattern and I love it and the three dessert plates I have. I don't know if all the black would get on my nerves, but it is slightly cheaper. Although, if you're spending this much money five dollars doesn't make but such a difference.

My Boatman Geller Stationery Came today!

This entire week, we've had delays because numerous roads in our county are blocked with snow. While it's made the days less taxing, I was no less thrilled to arrive home and see that my wedding stationary had arrived. And it is fabulous. A week ago I had ordered some pink blank cards from the Paper Source, but they cannot compare with my happiness for the cards from Boatman Geller that arrived today. I ended up getting the pink and navy striped thank you cards and blank cards. The blank cards we will use for the rehearsal dinner/table numbers and any other needs. I'm hoping that I can figure out how to print my new name on them and use them later. That would be really amazing. Even though I ended up buying a lot, I'm so glad that I did.

What I loved most of all were the pink and blue wedding cake cards I decided to buy for my shower/shower thank you notes (no, I'm not planning my own shower, but I saw these and wanted to save my sister the shipping). They are perfect for me. They have cake and pink polka can you go wrong? My sister has the ardous task of printing them, but (and dear sister, you're the only one who reads this) these invites make my day. Maybe they even make my week. :)

Paper for the wedding

So my amazing sister and her friend are helping (umm, doing) my invitations. Which is great, because I really care about stationery. Anyways, last night I bought these amazing thank you notes. They are great because they are pink and navy (our new official colors...and they will match the ties).

I bought the matching flatcards to do rehersal dinner invitations and table numbers, but now they are unavailable! So I'm trying to figure out what to buy instead. Here are my options:

I love these, but they aren't navy blue.

These would be great, but I don't know if we can figure out how to print on them...

And yes, I know I'm ridiculous, but somehow my county has given us another snow day. So there goes my Spring Break! Happy Tuesday!

I think...

that this would make the crappy reception bathroom look better.

Snow Days

I've had snow days all week long. It's been great really, sleeping in, watching t.v., staying up late, a little school work, shopping when I'm not supposed to, and lots of Internet surfing. I live a good life. It's been a long time, though. At this point in summer break, I decide that I want to do something crafty.

I have a love hate relationship part with crafts. The love: I like making stuff, and sometimes I get lured in by other people's projects and their success.

The hate: It costs money and it never turns out exactly like the inspiration. This irritates me to no end!

I really have a desire to paint something (i.e. a dresser) and then put fun knobs on it from anthropologie. I love to paint. The boy thought I was crazy when I told him this because it wastes money and he thinks it looks even uglier.

These are true facts, but I have a need to create. I've already knitted one scarf, and I want to move onto something else! Just thought I'd get that off my chest.

Plus, I find myself ridiculously inspired by these two:

Ribbons and Bows!

Valentine's Day is probably one of my favorite holidays. This year, I wasn't really feeling very celebratory. I had a basket for my sister that I whipped up shortly after Christmas ended, but the boy and I had declared a no gift policy. However, I felt a bit cheated. I love holidays, simply because they make it legit for me to buy gifts for people. So, I pulled together a few inexpensive, practical things for the boy. And I beefed up my sister's gift a bit more. Nothing that a quick...err...painstakingly slow trip to TJ Maxx and Target couldn't solve. Even though I had Valentine's day tissue paper and bags from last year that I got 90 percent off (cause that's how I roll), I sprang for some black polka dot paper to wrap the boy's gifts up with. I just finished wrapping up my sister's gift, and I've come to conclude that gift wrap is really worth every penny.

Presentation is everything.

Well, not quite everything. I think the date movie and fondue that my sister and I are going to partake in this weekend might be, though. :)

*Image compliments of Martha Stewart

There's still a LOT of snow on the ground...

so I don't have school tomorrow! That's always a plus, but to be honest I'm starting to get antsy. And I know I'm going to hate it when my Spring Break officially doesn't exist.

Today I managed to shovel my car out, and then I walked over to the shopping center next to us. When I returned, I noticed that some of the snow had been shovelled back over. I'm too annoyed and tired to bother again, and the boy said it might snow again tonight. All of this snow is a bit much! I have a feeling that the bug and I aren't going anywhere any time soon.

Anyways, today my one outing was a trip to Michaels. I spent a ridiculous amount of time there, wandering around, just looking at all of the junk. I was doing pretty good (I only had a measly pad of paper) and then I hit up the dollar spot. They had a little section of stuff with initials on it. For a dollar, I got cocktail napkins and coasters with my new initial on it. I'm not sure what aspect of the wedding I will use it for, but if I ever host at my apartment, I'll still use napkins and coasters. For what it's worth, I can't really tell the difference between the dollar stuff and the more "quality" napkins and coasters. :) I also bought some magnets and a few office supplies that I probably should have refrained from, but I'd been looking for some of the cute stuff for awhile...ultimately I couldn't resist.

I'm trying not to buy anything this month (besides groceries, birthday gifts, and gas). Really, I'm trying to not buy clothes. I haven't failed yet, although it's only Feb. 8th. So, I feel kind of proud of myself, although the boy was curious as to why my latest purchases at Michaels didn't count...I didn't really have a good reason. Oh well!

Superbowl Sunday

Apparently, there is this thing called Superbowl Sunday going on. The boy went to watch the game with friends, leaving me to my own devices. Meaning I can watch "What Not to Wear" while perusing wedding websites like it's my job. With all of the snow, school has been canceled for tomorrow, so my lazy habits are all good...

Today, I figured out a monogram decal for our wedding invitations, and the actual wording of the invites. Also, instead of having pink and pink as our sole wedding colors, we're throwing in some navy blue. I love navy blue and pink; I just didn't know how to reconcile it with the save the dates that had a bit of brown in it. I think navy blue will go great; especially since our reception will be by the water. Declaring this color doesn't really mean anything. The wedding will be a combo of shades of pinks, navy blue and white to balance it all out. Think of the wedding colors as a smattering of anything that just tickles my fancy, and that I can convince the boy it's all good. Thank goodness my sister is willing to put up with my silliness. And thank goodness that the boy is somehow able to put up with it all.

Bridesmaid Gifts

While my wedding is still...umm...a good seven months away, I've already bought the following for my bridesmaids:
1. Monogrammed bags from Land's End
2. Small memento box in wedding day colors from Anthropologie
3. Bangles that match the dresses
4. The actual bridesmaid dresses

and now these little gems from Kate Spade:

Considering all of the stuff out there on weddings, I feel that there really aren't that many ideas for bridesmaid gifts. We are supposed to give them something meaningful, but at the same time it's kind of tricky. You could rock out on picking something out for one friend, and not so much for another. (I do this all the time). So they're all getting the same things, with the exception of my amazing MOH; and she's the only one who reads this blog so you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm not telling her what sparkly knick-knack she'll get stuck with. :)

Snow day

It snowed, and apparently it's going to snow some more tomorrow night (maybe). I took advantage of the time to call florists, to see what sort of flowers I could afford. I like flowers, but I hate the idea of spending a lot of money on something that dies. I also feel like I'm spending so much money on so many other things that it's just even more wasteful. Plus, the boy thinks that spending any money on flowers is crazy. (He still doesn't understand why we're bothering with a photographer).

Anyways, apparently these are cheap. (Just like us)!

That works great for me, because I love these flowers!