And Back to China Again!

Somehow, I managed to convince the boy to come look at china patterns with me on Saturday (I'm not exactly sure how this could be a combination of me talking about it all the time or a free lunch offer). We went to Belk, and looked at Lenox and Waterford, concentrating on Kate Spade. They had Union Street, Library Lane, Belle Blvd, and Gardner Avenue. I really loved Gardner Avenue in real life, but it is a little busy in the center and the boy hated it. Ugg.

The boy liked Union Street the best, but as we looked at the china longer, we realized it was a bit absurd to spend hundreds of dollars on plates. I brought up that Library Lane in navy was on sale online, so we settled on that, and went off to lunch.

And indeed it was on sale online, but they only had a few pieces. So now we were back at the same point. After staring at the computer screen for an hour, I really felt disheartened. I was so excited about the thought of actually getting china! I know china pales in comparison to real problems, but I was so happy that we could buy the plates for 75 percent off and not feel horribly wasteful.

Anyways, we decided to register for just the dinner and salad plates, in hopes that we might get a few of the pieces. We went with Union Street in the end. After today's china adventures, I think I'm beginning to understand why my mom didn't want me to bother registering in the first place!

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