Bridesmaid Gifts

While my wedding is still...umm...a good seven months away, I've already bought the following for my bridesmaids:
1. Monogrammed bags from Land's End
2. Small memento box in wedding day colors from Anthropologie
3. Bangles that match the dresses
4. The actual bridesmaid dresses

and now these little gems from Kate Spade:

Considering all of the stuff out there on weddings, I feel that there really aren't that many ideas for bridesmaid gifts. We are supposed to give them something meaningful, but at the same time it's kind of tricky. You could rock out on picking something out for one friend, and not so much for another. (I do this all the time). So they're all getting the same things, with the exception of my amazing MOH; and she's the only one who reads this blog so you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm not telling her what sparkly knick-knack she'll get stuck with. :)

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