Ribbons and Bows!

Valentine's Day is probably one of my favorite holidays. This year, I wasn't really feeling very celebratory. I had a basket for my sister that I whipped up shortly after Christmas ended, but the boy and I had declared a no gift policy. However, I felt a bit cheated. I love holidays, simply because they make it legit for me to buy gifts for people. So, I pulled together a few inexpensive, practical things for the boy. And I beefed up my sister's gift a bit more. Nothing that a quick...err...painstakingly slow trip to TJ Maxx and Target couldn't solve. Even though I had Valentine's day tissue paper and bags from last year that I got 90 percent off (cause that's how I roll), I sprang for some black polka dot paper to wrap the boy's gifts up with. I just finished wrapping up my sister's gift, and I've come to conclude that gift wrap is really worth every penny.

Presentation is everything.

Well, not quite everything. I think the date movie and fondue that my sister and I are going to partake in this weekend might be, though. :)

*Image compliments of Martha Stewart

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