Snow Days

I've had snow days all week long. It's been great really, sleeping in, watching t.v., staying up late, a little school work, shopping when I'm not supposed to, and lots of Internet surfing. I live a good life. It's been a long time, though. At this point in summer break, I decide that I want to do something crafty.

I have a love hate relationship part with crafts. The love: I like making stuff, and sometimes I get lured in by other people's projects and their success.

The hate: It costs money and it never turns out exactly like the inspiration. This irritates me to no end!

I really have a desire to paint something (i.e. a dresser) and then put fun knobs on it from anthropologie. I love to paint. The boy thought I was crazy when I told him this because it wastes money and he thinks it looks even uglier.

These are true facts, but I have a need to create. I've already knitted one scarf, and I want to move onto something else! Just thought I'd get that off my chest.

Plus, I find myself ridiculously inspired by these two:

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