Superbowl Sunday

Apparently, there is this thing called Superbowl Sunday going on. The boy went to watch the game with friends, leaving me to my own devices. Meaning I can watch "What Not to Wear" while perusing wedding websites like it's my job. With all of the snow, school has been canceled for tomorrow, so my lazy habits are all good...

Today, I figured out a monogram decal for our wedding invitations, and the actual wording of the invites. Also, instead of having pink and pink as our sole wedding colors, we're throwing in some navy blue. I love navy blue and pink; I just didn't know how to reconcile it with the save the dates that had a bit of brown in it. I think navy blue will go great; especially since our reception will be by the water. Declaring this color doesn't really mean anything. The wedding will be a combo of shades of pinks, navy blue and white to balance it all out. Think of the wedding colors as a smattering of anything that just tickles my fancy, and that I can convince the boy it's all good. Thank goodness my sister is willing to put up with my silliness. And thank goodness that the boy is somehow able to put up with it all.

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