There's still a LOT of snow on the ground...

so I don't have school tomorrow! That's always a plus, but to be honest I'm starting to get antsy. And I know I'm going to hate it when my Spring Break officially doesn't exist.

Today I managed to shovel my car out, and then I walked over to the shopping center next to us. When I returned, I noticed that some of the snow had been shovelled back over. I'm too annoyed and tired to bother again, and the boy said it might snow again tonight. All of this snow is a bit much! I have a feeling that the bug and I aren't going anywhere any time soon.

Anyways, today my one outing was a trip to Michaels. I spent a ridiculous amount of time there, wandering around, just looking at all of the junk. I was doing pretty good (I only had a measly pad of paper) and then I hit up the dollar spot. They had a little section of stuff with initials on it. For a dollar, I got cocktail napkins and coasters with my new initial on it. I'm not sure what aspect of the wedding I will use it for, but if I ever host at my apartment, I'll still use napkins and coasters. For what it's worth, I can't really tell the difference between the dollar stuff and the more "quality" napkins and coasters. :) I also bought some magnets and a few office supplies that I probably should have refrained from, but I'd been looking for some of the cute stuff for awhile...ultimately I couldn't resist.

I'm trying not to buy anything this month (besides groceries, birthday gifts, and gas). Really, I'm trying to not buy clothes. I haven't failed yet, although it's only Feb. 8th. So, I feel kind of proud of myself, although the boy was curious as to why my latest purchases at Michaels didn't count...I didn't really have a good reason. Oh well!

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