Wedding China

Originally (a few weeks ago), the boy and I registered for some everyday china. We picked the Martha Stewart black stripped and flowered plates. We registered for them after seeing them online, but after seeing them in person, I've decided that they are a no go. I really love the idea of china, and truly can get all worked up about it. It'd be pretty easy to register for a set, but china is expensive. I guess that's the point, and why you would try to convince your guests to buy it for you, but knowing how much the china costs makes it difficult to rationalize registering for anything. I lobbied to register for the Martha Stewart pattern because it was relatively cheap. Upon seeing it, I realize that I will complain about it for awhile and then either get distracted by some other shiny thing or go out and try to weasel my way into some china. To avoid this debacle I'm rethinking the registry. Here are the candidates. And yes, I realize they're all Kate Spade but I really like Kate Spade and this is my one shot to get these dishes. I probably won't even get them, but if ever I would get them, this would be the time.

First up, Library Lane. Pros: It's simple, classic, the dinner plates are on sale at Belks and has a great name
Cons: It's expensive...but that will be a prevailing theme. It's also rather plain. Hence, the classic.

Next, I looked at Gardner Street. I like this one because it's more feminine, but still basic. Like all the others it's expensive and is probably not something the boy would like. I also couldn't register for the polka dot accent plates.

Pebble point is also really cute because it has little raised polka dots.

I also like this one, but I think it's too swirly.

This last one, I have a cup in the green pattern and I love it and the three dessert plates I have. I don't know if all the black would get on my nerves, but it is slightly cheaper. Although, if you're spending this much money five dollars doesn't make but such a difference.

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