On being a bridezilla

So yesterday I was completely overwhelmed by all of my limitations. Sometimes I really want to be the best. I want to be the best teacher, have the best engagement pictures, have the best wedding, etc.

And I'm just not. Yesterday, that was really upsetting to me. The boy and I found out that we couldn't go on our honeymoon after all, I'm not the best teacher and can only do so much, some of my engagement pictures really show the way I look (instead of the way I like to pretend I look), and my wedding will not be perfect. It will be full of dynamics and be expensive.

Today, after some sleep, I realize that being the best or trying to be the best is a great idea, until it makes you loathe yourself.

I realized that I can give a student ten cents so he has enough money for lunch.
I realized that I can give a student another chance to turn in work.
I can tell a student that she is one of the sweetest people I've ever met.
I can tell a student that they are a great writer.

I won't be the best, but I can do something.

As for the wedding and engagement, I can find a few pictures that are beautiful and can be framed, and one that I really love.

And I realized that in September the boy and I will be married.

And that will be awesome.

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