On comfort clothes

One of the very first things I do as soon as I get home from school is to put on something comfortable. It's not that my "work" clothes are so terribly painful, but I just love being able to physically distance myself away from school. AND I have an awful habit of spilling on myself, which usually ruins some beloved item. Two years ago I bought J.Crew's Lisa dress, which was super comfortable, but it went to my ankles and was a bit low in the front (but I didn't care because I lived in the middle of nowhere and no one saw me). I loved the feeling of the modal cotton and would wear it around quite a bit. Then I moved on to the foldover skirt from Old Navy that I bought for $1.99. I only bought it because it was so cheap, but I wear this all the time around the boy, and he insists that I could totally wear it around in public.

Last night, I had a meeting and then went to Panera for dinner. I stopped by Ann Taylor Loft to check out their 50 percent off additional clearance. I bought this skirt in a dark purple. The boy said it was flattering enough to keep (yay!). But the best part is it feels so nice. I wore it for an hour or so last night while visiting him, and then this morning I was thinking about how absolutely soft it is. I think it's going to be my new comfort skirt. I think this one may even be cute enough to wear out.

As a side note, Target also has some lovely "comfort dresses" on sale for 18 dollars this week. The material feels really nice, but it's not quite as thick as I would like. It seems more like a nightie to me. The Loft skirt is awesome because it's soft and comfortable but substantial enough that you don't have panty lines. So that's my take on the comfortable clothes on sale now! Can you tell that I'm lounging around this Friday night?

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