Weekend Recap

Even though my only two readers (my sister and and the boy) were with me this weekend, I still feel like recapping this weekend. Friday the boy and I went to a baseball game together. It was nice to just be outside and enjoy the spring weather. Saturday, my sister came up and I bought a scarf from Ann Taylor Loft. I had been hoping for the scarf to go on sale for a few weeks so I was excited to get it.

On Sunday, the boy and I had our engagement pictures taken. We were a bit of a wrinkly mess, and certainly aren't the most attractive couple the world has ever seen, but we really enjoyed working with our photographer. We'll see some of the pictures sometime this week, but even if they don't turn out that well, she worked with what she had! She's very cheerful and professional, and I think it will be great to have her shoot our wedding.

I've made it through two days, so I'll leave you with a print from an etsy shop
(vol. 25)posted on Young House Love. Maybe it will inspire me to do some work, and delight you.

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