My adventures in making Parisian Macarons

I'm not one of those people who cooks. During the school year, my meals come in the form of Lean Cuisines. While I know that sounds super pathetic to some people, it has worked well for me. I simply am too tired at night to cook, and it doesn't make much sense to cook for one person. On Saturday, lots of the women were like, "Now that you are getting married you have to cook!" Truthfully, I think that our food habits will stay pretty similar, but I think it will be a little easier living together.

With this long preface, today I decided to make macarons. Why? Not because I love them (I've never had them), or because I think they are super easy to make. No, my desire to make macarons stems from the aforementioned bridal shower for my friend. You can buy macarons for a dollar or two, but I wanted to package them as favors to give out at the bridal shower. So, that could add up really quickly. Since I'm really running out of money to spend with the boy's tuition and our upcoming wedding, I wanted to try to make them myself. Martha had a recipe, that didn't seem too bad.
They didn't turn out.

Surprise, surprise! When making them my eighty-seven year old grandma had two things to say: "Good luck to you, and don't be disappointed when they don't turn out." She kept reading the instructions, and seemed pretty mesmerized that I was attempting such a task. I actually got things to mix up pretty well, and the batter tasted great. It was while tasting the batter that I realized I'd forgotten to dye them. So, I ended up with less than half of them dyed. (Honestly, I'm just pumped that I figured out how to make them turn purple and they didn't taste bad). Once the macaroons were cooked, things got a little dicey. I actually think that they didn't cook up too badly. The main problem is that I didn't do a very good job putting them on the cookie sheet. The other problem is that mine browned when they were finished. The purple wasn't really purple by the time I was done. I have no clue what else I did wrong. Even though they don't look like the macarons in a picture, they taste pretty good. My grandma had no qualms sampling a few. So, while I doubt that I'll make them for my friend's shower, I have no regrets. But that could just be the sugar high talking!

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***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

verryyyy interesting...

i have always wanted to try and make macarons, but haven't yet attempted it. maybe that's a project i should try soon....or maybe not! :)

thanks for the fun read, sounds like your gma is pretty wise! :)