One week left!

Yesterday was my bachelorette! I had a great time, as my friends and I visited wineries and just hung out. My sister was, as always, a totally awesome Maid of Honor. In the morning, my sister helped me clean up, and then one of my friends came early (her boyfriend was picking up the boy to take him out for his day of fun). The three of us went to Sephora and my sister got make-up, and I got a wedding day appointment (yes, I was a little slow to do this!). When we got back, one of my friends from Elementary school arrived, and we all had a little lunch. Then, one of my other friends arrive, and we hit up the wineries!

This week, we plan on finishing up the play list, printing escort cards and a few other things. My sister is really amazing, and she is going to help me get a VT grooms cake (the boy loves all things VA Tech). I think it will be a great touch. She is also helping me get cornhole to play in the outside area, which might keep the younger kids busy. All in all, seeing her and hanging out with the boy after everyone left has helped me call down and feel like everything will all work out!

Something blue

A few days ago, I ordered my "something blue" from Linenwhites on etsy. I'm excited, because I think I'll really tear up, it will be something I'll always have, and the monogram fits the wedding theme. I know it's a waste of money, but I've actually been pretty good about not spending money lately (mostly because I know the wedding will be expensive). Because of the tight time frame, I'm having it shipped to my parents' house, but I can't wait to see it.
Not my something blue is a new semester (at least that's what I'm telling myself)! The beginning of the school year is always intense, but this semester is particularly daunting, as I'm teaching quite a few students who have failed my class with me or another teacher. When you have problems on the first few days of school, you know it's going to be a long semester. In an effort to not complain and be positive, this morning I'm thinking that maybe these students were given to me for a particular reason and that they need to have me for two years. While troubled students can be heart breaking and difficult, you can never forget them. I've been trying to structure my class so we can have a successful year. It also helps to have the boy and my sister to vent to. The boy was really sweet and made me dinner, cleaned, and bought me flowers on my first day, so I guess I can't complain too much. :)

In other news, this weekend some of my friends are going to come down to visit and we're going to go to a few wineries and dinner. Even more exciting, my sister is coming down early to help me get ready. I'm excited for some low-key fun! Wishing everyone a happy weekend!

Two new beginnings!

I've been busy back to school getting ready for my new students. I'm really excited to be a returning teacher this year, and teaching some of the same classes. This is going to make a huge difference in the time I get home each night; however, it looks like these first few weeks will be intense.

The boy and I are also getting ready for the wedding. Tomorrow, we have marriage counseling with our pastor, and I'll get to stop by home for a little while. My sister is also coming up to visit me, so this weekend is looking up! There are still quite a few little projects that I need to wrap up, but I'm hoping for the best. Most of my energy has been spent on getting ready for the new school year, so the boy has increased his participation. I came home last night, and he had started creating the music playlist and he worked on refining the seating chart a bit. Apparently, he's even going to finish the escort cards! So here's hoping everything will get done!

All moved in!

So the boy finished his summer associateship on Friday, and we moved his things directly into our first home on Saturday morning. It took us about two days to move all of our belongings and about two days to set everything up, but we are finally all moved in! I was a little worried how the "merging" of our belongings would go, but we were able to get everything set up that seems to work for both of us. Since the wedding is getting closer, we bought our wedding bands and got our marriage license! So, we are getting closer and closer towards the big day.

Yesterday we drove down to his parent's home to pick up his car. Luckily, my sister goes to school in the same town, so I was able to see her. :) We are driving to my parents' home tomorrow to meet with the caterer and pick up some things, and then on Saturday I'm driving to Pennsylvania for a bridal shower. It's pretty amazing to me how busy things have been; I'm so glad that my car got fixed!

Driving, and then not!

So the wedding activities took a backseat to this weekend's plans which included catching up with a friend from college and then driving the boy 18 hours in two days for an interview. The drive wouldn't have actually have been that bad, but my car decided to stop accelerating. My bug is now undergoing repairs, and we were able to get a rental car to finish the trip. The logistics of car repairs and costs diverted my attention from wedding plans, but now that I'm safely home, I'm ready to continue (and wrap up!) the wedding projects. Tomorrow I'm meeting with the church to go through our rehearsal and wedding day schedule. I'm also hoping to start printing the programs and get those finished by this weekend. On Saturday the boy and I are moving into our apartment, and then at that point most of my wedding projects need to be done.