Christmas Presents for the newly engaged

As I've mentioned, one of my good friends just got engaged. So, I want to make sure that her Christmas gifts reflect the excitement of the occassion.

First up, I'm purchasing her a subscription to Bride's magazine. I think magazines are a great gift; it's kind of exciting to get something new in the mail each month. She also loves magazines too, so I think she will enjoy the gift.

I'm also going to buy her an ornament with her name and her fiance's name engraved, along with the engagement date. My mother-in-law bought my husband and I an ornament with our names and engagement date on it last year, and we both really liked it (and can't wait to hang it up on our tree!). Things Remembered has some nice ornaments, but you can also buy some cute ones online. Either way, I think she will like her wedding themed Christmas gifts! Have any of you newlyweds received something really lovely right after you got engaged?

Christmas Gifts for the college roommate who likes to entertain

For my friend who loved to have our friends over to our room to hang out, I bought her a few supplies to continue her entertaining in style for Christmas this year. She just recently moved to Michigan, so I thought she might want thoughts of warmer weather this winter. Hence, the Sex on the Beach Demeter spray. I also picked up a cute shaker with her initial on it at Target. And then to complete the gift, I bought her a book on cocktails. It's always fun to try new recipes, even though a cocktail book isn't something that you'd necessarily pick up on your own. I love the shaker at Target; it was the impetus to start the theme, and was very reasonably priced at 15 dollars. The cocktail book was also relatively inexpensive, because I was able to get it on clearance at TJ Maxx. So all in all, she has a themed gift that fits her perfectly, and also doesn't destroy my budget!

Potential Favor's for my brother's wedding

As I've mentioned before, my brother will be getting married on New Year's! Our family is obviously very excited, but we're trying not to get too involved. My brother's fiance is pretty young and finishing up school, and my brother is really busy with work and fixing up his *new* house! As a result, our help is welcome. Since I just went through the wedding process a few months ago, I'm really hoping that some of the things I spent so much time thinking about will be useful for someone else.

So when my lovely sister came to visit me last weekend, we spent a hot Saturday night tying ribbons around bubbles and working on favors. My sister is a saint with this wedding stuff, btw. With all these weddings, I don't know how my sister doesn't keep from hurting these crazy brides. Sometimes enough with the ribbon and tulle, right?!

Anyways, my brother said that he and his fiancee were stumped about favors and too overwhelmed right now to even figure it out. They knew they wanted to have them, but weren't exactly sure what to have. The boy and I did a simple box of candy with ribbon and a label, but with our weddings so close together, it'd be nice to do something at least a little different. Because they're having a winter wedding, I found some brides who did cute hot cocoa favors. I made up a prototype of a potential favor for them, which I will show them over Thanksgiving break. Hopefully, we will be able to work on the programs and such when we're all together.

A new week and some exciting news!

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start! I had a great weekend. My sister came up to visit me, and we did a little early Christmas shopping and just enjoyed hanging out. I was so happy to see my sister. We're about 2 and a half hours apart, and it's really awesome to visit with her. We got a few good things. I bought her a cardigan at Banana Republic (which I will give her for Christmas), taking advantage of the "Give and Get" program. I attempted to buy some things for my husband, but he didn't seem interested in anything I picked out. Fortunately for our finances, he is very frugal.

On Sunday, my husband and I drove up to see two of our friends from college and they had very exciting news! They just got engaged! We were really excited, because we've been friends with them for such a long time and have really gotten to see their relationship grow. My husband roomed with the guy for three years in college and he was his best man at his wedding. We're both really honored because I'm going to be the matron of honor and my husband will be a groomsmen! I'm so elated, and am already thinking about the shower. The engagement just happened, so we went out and I bought the bride-to-be wedding magazines and then we even went to the J.Crew clearance store so she could try on a few wedding gowns. It was definitely really great to be there during this happy time!

Fridays are sweet and the weekends are sweeter!

The halls are hectic, and I have a feeling that today is going to be a very long day. The kids are always hyper on Fridays, so here's a bit of beauty via wordle. I just want to sleep, get some work done on my car, and hang out with the husband, friends, and maybe my sister. Wishing you all a happy Friday and weekend!

Veteran's Day

I'm not very close to anyone in the military, but I do appreciate that on Veteran's Day we can pause and remember to say thank you. I really can't imagine all the sacrifice that our soldiers make and have made.

Save a word!

Driving home today, on NPR I heard about . While the idea is a little silly, I am a fan of improving vocabulary (even with rather obscure words). The boy and I are "adopting" the word circuland. I think this will be a fun site to share with my kiddos. In the midst of lists of vocabulary words, it's nice to see a playful take on "endangered" words.

A Kate Spade Home Collection?

Is it really true? This bed looks perfect for my sister, who loves yellow! I hope Macy's will carry the line, because then I can use our giftcards that we saved from the wedding!

I don't think the husband would like the Kate Spade collection, because it is so bright (he's more of an earthtones person). I love calming colors (especially blue), but bright yellows and greens are just such a cheerful atmosphere. Kate Spade will also be out of my price range, but at least I can look at the pretty pictures! I can't wait to see all of the designs.

Success at last with winter coats!

My husband is very picky about winter coats for some reason. I've literally spent years trying to find him a winter jacket. He has a winter coat, by the way, but it just doesn't look very professional. He came to this realization his senior year of undergrad, and the search has been on since. That first year, I literally spent a whole day walking around the mall with him, in an attempt to find a jacket. We bought one, then when we got home, he decided he didn't like it. So back it went! The last two years, I've bought him jackets from the Gap and J.Crew, but he didn't like those either. I've also made him look at countless jackets at other stores. This weekend, I stopped by Old Navy to return some things, and I saw their jackets were pretty cheap. While they aren't going to last forever, I was hopeful that maybe my husband would be convinced to keep one of them until we can find him a nice winter jacket that he loves.

Well, I was shocked to discover that he liked them both! After years of searching for a jacket for him, there was no way that I was going to return either of these. So he has two winter jackets for 65 dollars! I'll still be searching for a nice jacket, but the designs of these are pretty classic, even if they don't last forever.