Our humble Christmas decor

A lot of other bloggers have displayed their decorations for Christmas on their blog, and I thought that I would jump on the bandwagon. My husband and I have definitely stepped it up a little bit, compared to what our decor was in our single apartments. For some reason, it's really special to be celebrating our first Christmas together.

Obviously, the main event of our Christmas decor is our tree. Our apartment is already filled to the brim with furniture and the joining of all of our things, so finding a place for the Christmas tree was a bit tough. We moved a few things around though, and the tree is now situated in our living room, right next to the tv (where we both spend a fair amount of time). My ornaments that I usually use are still at my parents' house (so I'm missing a topper), but at least we have a tree with lights and a few decorations! I know our tree is a little sad; however, it's kind of just exciting to have one!

My husband's mom gave us a lovely keepsake ornament for our engagement last year, and I can't wait for us to go pick out an ornament together this year. As you can see, we have a few presents under the tree already. I've done quite a bit of buying and wrapping already, but I left a few bags of gifts at my parents' over Thanksgiving. My husbands' mom loves peace signs, so a few of her gifts are bedecked with peace sign ornaments.

In our bedroom, I put out a little tinsel Christmas tree that I got at Pier 1 a few years ago. It's a little tacky, but I love the silver and blues. I'm pretty sure my husband isn't terribly amused by it; fortunately, he tolerates my lack of taste.

The only other touches of festivity are ornaments in vases. I have them perched in whatever horizontal spaces I can find in our apartment; right now that's the top of the fridge. Even though our place is small, it's nice to take out our decorations and make our apartment a little more special this time of year. We still have a little bit more decorating to do (our stockings need to be hung!), but it's starting to look like Christmas around here.

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