A happy Halloween weekend to you!

I hope that everyone's Halloween weekend is off to a good start. My sister is going to come down and visit me for the weekend, which will be good. My husband will spend the day watching football and then has quite a bit of work for law school.

In other news, this NYT article confirms what I already knew: sisters increase your happiness! I know that my sister certainly increases mine. While good friends can do the same, I'm so lucky that my sister truly is my best friend and she's always been a part of my life. I think in terms of listening me drone on about tedious subjects, my sister has definitely heard more than her fair share. It's so great to be able to talk to someone about things that my husband couldn't care less about, but subjects that I really want to talk about!

*Image from Kate Spade Calendar 2009-2010

Some flowers for Halloween!

Halloween isn't one of those holidays that I get terribly excited about. I love fall, but I feel that after about twelve Halloween is a bummer. Free candy is no more, and you can only look at the little kids taking candy(they are really cute, though). On Sunday, the boy suggested that we carve pumpkins. I haven't done that since middle school, but I picked up some pumpkins for us to carve. At the very least, we can keep them through Thanksgiving for our fall decor. While I was at the grocery store, I somehow found myself putting flowers in my basket. Even though I can no longer get free candy, I can still have some Halloween eye candy in my kitchen! It's really funny how something so small can make me so happy.

On Thursday, the husband and I are going to a pot luck. I'm going to attempt to make cinnamon crumb cupcakes and lemon bars. I bought some "trick-or-treat" cupcake wrappers, so I'm looking forward to seeing how my culinary pursuits turn out! In the meantime, I've been slogging through papers, since my kiddos final grades are due tomorrow. I'm one tired teacher right now, but am looking forward to a teacher workday on Friday. :)

And somehow it's already Friday!

This week has been a busy one, and I'm excited about the weekend already! The husband and I are going to Blacksburg for the weekend, so he can go to the Tech game and we'll see his parents.
On the other hand, I get to spend some time with my lovely sister. I'm hoping that I can make a return to Ann Taylor Loft. I'm also hoping that we can go to Macy's (there isn't one around me), and I can make a return there too.
Honestly, I'll just be content to see her and relax at her apartment for awhile. In the meantime, I need to get to work creating some sort of midterm for my kiddos to take next week!

What I love right now...

This week is going by pretty quickly, even though I didn't have Monday off. I find that there is rarely a dull moment at school. However, it's that time of year where the kids get antsy and real problems start to set in, so I thought I'd mention a few things that I DO love about this week!

1. The smell of the pumpkin candle that my mom sent me; it's officially fall and so calming!
2. The evening jogs that my husband and I have started taking. Even though we don't go far, it's great that we've accomplished something and that we're exercising.
3. The couples' Bible study that we're starting today; I think it's a good step for us to make!
4. My Kate Spade Twirl rollerball. I really enjoy putting on a bit of perfume in the morning, and am excited about a new scent.
5. Drinking a cup of tea in the morning for a caffeine kick.
6. Sweaters, especially the very reasonably priced ones that my sister and I picked up at Ann Taylor Loft last weekend.
7. Nightly phone conversations with my fabulous sister.
8. The fact that I'm relatively caught up with lesson plans and grading for today...at least for this morning.
9. The fact that I had time for a quick post!

What's up for the weekend!

As I've written a little bit about before, the planning of a bachelorette party for my friend is a bit stressful. She wanted a party bus for a winery tour, which is pretty much out of my comfort zone in price. The husband wasn't amused, but another bridesmaid and I set it all up anyways. I made little party bags for all of the guests last weekend that had snacks, etc. Then the friends and family that we invited started to say that they couldn't come (after they said they could), and we had to change our plans. Obviously, we lost our deposit, but at least we were able to cancel.

I think that it will work out better in the long run; we're going to a spa for a massage and then dinner at the National Harbor. After all the planning, I'm sure the bride will need it. Then we're going to crash at a friend's house and watch some movies and just relax. Hopefully, it will be a good time.

In other news, my sister is coming up tonight and tomorrow morning! I'm so excited because I haven't seen her for awhile. I'm thinking we can watch a girly movie, go to dinner, and catch up!

A month of marriage!

It's been a month since I've been married! That's not a terribly long time, but I have to say that it's been great. It's really nice to be living with the boy. I go home and I really feel like I'm home. It doesn't hurt that the boy has spent his fall break organizing our apartment, and when I go home I find clean laundry or the dishes put away. While I know that will all change next year, it still is nice now. I loved our wedding, but it really is just the beginning. I can't wait to see what the next months and years bring.