A bit of a break

I'm going to take a bit of a blogging break. Unfortunately, it seems that I took too many different projects on at school and even the weekend isn't enough to catch up with all of the papers! It bothers me that I don't have enough time to comment properly, etc., so I think a break might be the perfect thing. :) I hope to be posting regularly again soon!

Bookshelf Makeover!

While at Target, I noticed these little aqua votive holders for 99 cents. I try (not very successfully) to avoid impulse buys, but I figured they were so pretty that I could spring for them. I brought them home and discovered that they matched perfectly with the Ikea vase I bought awhile ago and have never been able to figure out what to do with it. I really like the way my shelf looks now, even though it is very much a work in progress. Before I had some awkward picture frames on top, but they just didn't really look right with the space. Now, I think I have a bit more symmetry! What are some of your favorite displays?

Monogrammed Office Supplies

This past weekend, I ventured into Michael's, a place where I've been known to waste tons of time. I'm not crafty in the slightest, but this store always inspires hope that I will be someday. Anyways, once again, I found myself in trouble at the "Dollar Spot." They had initial pencils, magnets and notepads. Here's three dollars of bling from Michael's already set up in our apartment: I also bought some items for my engaged friend. I thought one of these monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie would look lovely with a bunch of pencils with her new initial for games during the bridal shower and the notepad will be great for recording gifts. I realize that none of these things are a necessity, but hopefully they will make her new initial a little more exciting! So if you are a fan of the monogram, you can get a cheap fix from Michael's. If not, maybe there is something else in the "Dollar Spot" for you!

Wedding Wednesdays: Monograms

When I got engaged, I became obsessed with monograms. It was out of control. We put our "wedding monogram" on top of our invitations, on our favors, our programs. If I could put a monogram on it, I did. What is disturbing is that after the wedding, I still keep wanting to monogram/initial everything. And I want to buy my poor friends and family things with their initials on it. Now some of my friends are okay with monogrammed things, and others not so much. My sister (as usual) has indulged me in the desire to monogram everything and has enabled me via monogrammed cups, notepads, and photo albums. So what do you think of monograms? Are they obnoxious or are you a fan?

Here's some of my personal carnage:

Home Decorating Quiz!

As you know, I love to think about how to decorate our apartment. Currently, our home is a hodge podge of whatever our parents have rejected and a few pieces that I've managed to salvage from the trash or bought on sale. But, if I had a permanent home and lots of money, I'm sure I'd be lost. There are so many beautiful things in the world.

For fun, I took this quiz that Young House Love (I love their blog) had posted and apparently I'm "Nantucket Style," meaning I like anything that feels like the beach. In the midst of winter, that really sounds good to me! What's your favorite style?