Spring Cleaning and Organizing!

I've been feeling sick for the past week and just kind of dragging through each day. You know when you don't feel really great, but you don't feel like your on death's door so you can't justify calling in? That'd be my state this week. Even though I've been feeling poorly, I've had a strong desire to clean/organize. I still don't have too much energy to do anything at home, but I've been cleaning things out at school. I know some teacher's classrooms are an inspired mess, but I really try to cultivate a calming environment at school. Also, if I'm not organized my life pretty much falls apart. In a search to get some fun classroom organization ideas, I ran into this blog. It's not about the classroom at all, but it's enjoyable to read! What spring cleaning and organizing ideas are you doing?

Things I would like to buy with our tax return....

The husband is pretty frugal, so it's doubtful that we will spend any of our tax return on frivolous things. To be honest, we need to save up for a deposit when we move and those accompanying expenses. But, if for some reason we decided to go crazy, this is what I'd like to buy.

I'd really like to get a new dress for the husband's graduation. I'm liking this one, but I'd like to try it on in real life to see if it is flattering.

Another thing that I'd really like to buy is a sofa. The futon that we have currently is pretty uncomfortable, and it'd be nice to have a comfy place for people to sleep on when they stay the night.

I also think that the husband needs some new clothes before he starts work. I think he could use some new casual and work clothes, since some of his shorts have holes in them...
Oddly, just "virtually" purchasing the items has made me feel a little bit better! It's still Lent, so I can't buy anything anyways, but it's fun to dream. The good news is that I have dresses that fit, the husband does have clothes, and a futon to sit on, so I don't really need anything. :) What would your splurges be if money was no object?

Something Beautiful

I've wanted to buy some flowers this week for our house guests and to brighten up the house. I never quite got around to it, so here's my virtual bouquet. For more inspiring images, check out A Lovely Escape. For some reason this week has left me feeling exhausted and I simply can't wait for the weekend. I'm hoping for a little relaxation, the chance to re-charge, and finishing up playing host to our guests. *Image from Good Housekeeping