Restless for Summer!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. Somehow my students and I only have 12 days left of school, and I can't wait. I'm still trying to figure out what I'll be doing next year, since we will be moving. I'm sad to leave my school, but I think this next step (whatever in the world it will be) could be interesting.

I'm looking forward to some lazy summer days. I really want to start exercising and get in shape (a constant goal that I fail at). I'm also hoping to learn how to cook and get our apartment organized and ready to move. Already, I'm trying to pare down things in my classroom and get ready for the big move. It's amazing how much I've accumulated. I can't imagine not teaching some days, but at the same time maybe it's my time to figure out what the "real world" is like. You know, the types of jobs where you don't get summer vacations.

Things I made for Mother's Day!

This past weekend included lots of cooking, cleaning, and visiting with my mom and the husband's. I'm a horrible cook, but I attempted and was relatively successful with Ina Garten's Cranberry and Orange scones, Martha Stewart's Fast Raspberry Scones (which ended up turning into muffins) and strata. I was super impressed that my scones actually turned out like what I would suspect scones taste like (delicious biscuits). I'd never had strata before, but the veggie version that I made was absolutely delicious to me. The husband didn't like the strata I made (but he doesn't like things that have lots of egg); fortunately, his mom was very gracious. It's too bad he doesn't like it, because it's a dish that's so easy to make and would be great for Christmas morning!

I hope all of your mothers had a nice day! :)

*Image from Martha Stewart