We now have...a wedding box!

I loved planning the husband's and my wedding. I really enjoyed thinking and mulling over all of the little details, even though I drove everyone around me crazy. Our wedding wasn't perfect, but I'll never forget when it was over, how we couldn't stop gushing to each other about how great everything went. We were in bliss.

Since it was such a happy day, in some ways I have a hard time letting go of all the paraphernalia surrounding the event. It helped that my brother got married a few months later, and two friends also were planning weddings this year that I was pretty involved in. I was busy teaching, and did get photo albums made, but all the little other things were strewn around the apartment and at my parents' house. As we do the purging and sorting process, one of the happy benefits is that all of our "wedding treasures" (programs, cards, menu card, favor box, etc.) are now safely stowed in a little box and duplicates can be tossed. Even though they are just things, it makes me feel good to know that everything is in one place!

On Sorting and Organizing

The husband and I have found an apartment and we have a move-in date! We're pretty excited to have that step behind us. Now if only I could find a job, every thing would be set in place for our move. To distract me from the Washington Post job section, I've been trying to sort through some of our belongings and tackle our closets. Our new apartment is 700 sq. ft, so it's not really small, but we're losing some closet space and the kitchen storage is going to get even smaller. Yikes!

I love sorting through our stuff (well, if we're being honest, most of the stuff is mine). However, in the past, I usually just shuffle it around and get rid of a few things. It's really amazing to me how I can do that. So, now I've been trying to take an honest look at the things we actually use and to pass on the rest. Even if some of the belongings we're getting rid of are useful, they aren't useful to us right now. Case in point, we don't need tablecloths if we don't have a table. And two people really don't need ten towels. Yesterday, I was able to clean out the linens, and even though the space might not look amazing, it's substantially less dense. Once we get to the new apartment, we can figure out how to make it look like this pretty closet!

Image via Pinterest

Summer Entertaining

The husband and I don't really entertain, but with my friend's upcoming bridal shower, I've been trying to figure out delicious and elegant dishes to make. Which brings me to Pier 1's tasting party collection. The cute little dishes and spoons really do make me want to have a party, or at the very least, figure out how to make something tasty enough to put in those dishes. I think that even I could handle these Kraft Banana Pudding Parfaits, and I really want to try these strawberry cheesecake parfaits. When I informed my sister of this new plan, she reminded me that the best way to make delicious desserts is to go to our local bakery. And I have to agree. After my macaroon debacle last summer, I've learned that it's best to leave some things to the pros. Or at least to people with an oven that bakes relatively evenly.

But, back to Pier 1's newest line that makes me want to throw away my hard earned money. Now, you can have dessert shooters at home. That is, if I could convince the husband to let me buy these cute little shot glasses and spoons. Most likely, we won't be having dessert shooters at home or out anytime soon.

And let's just say you had unlimited cabinet space. I think this little set would be perfect for a family of four or if the husband and I ever entertained another couple.
So what are your favorite entertaining dishes and tricks? Most of mine involve cutting up lots of fresh fruit and veggies and putting the chips and dip in a pretty bowl.