The Husband Takes the Bar Today!

The husband takes the bar today. Since he went out of town to take it, and I don't have work for a little bit longer, I went along for moral support/to go fetch food/whatever last minute thing he might need. He's been studying really hard for these past few months, and I can't wait until he's done. Once he's done with the bar we have a wedding for two of our friends to celebrate that we are both in, so I can't wait until the end of the week!

A Little Painting!

When I went to help take care of my grandma a few weeks ago while my parents were on vacation, I was able to get a little painting done. Specifically, I was able to fix a couple of the mistakes I'd made a few years ago. I got the great idea to paint my bedroom blue with a darker blue accent wall, and then I'd painted the bathroom lime green. While my parents never complained, the colors were an eyesore. So, I took the opportunity to fix it to a nice creamy beige.

My dad has also attempted to turn my bedroom into his office. I didn't take a picture of the bookshelf before, but substantial improvements have been made. I'm pretty sure my old bedroom will always be a bit of a hodge podge, but at least it's not blue anymore!

Friend's Bridal Shower Recap

A few weekends ago, I helped host a bridal shower for my friend along with the other bridesmaids. Due to the bride and groom's families being very spread out, we didn't have that many people that were able to make it. The small group made hosting easier, since we didn't have to worry about cooking for lots of people. However, as the MOH it was a pain to have to somehow bring so many of the supplies that we would need for the shower (plus lots and lots of gifts that relatives had sent) in my little VW bug.

We did a cooking theme, and had relatives send in their recipes. This was nice, considering lots couldn't make it but wanted to participate. Then when the guests arrived we had them write a bit of marriage advice on a recipe card for a raffle. The recipe cards and card box I found at Michael's and they coordinated beautifully. We also gave out oven mitts as favors to go along with the theme. I found ones that fit her wedding colors at the Dollar Store and then made up little tags that thanked guests for coming to the shower and had a "Recipe for a Happy Marriage" printed on the back. I love to get crafty with my printer! And this is a picture of the food. We had drinks, silverware, napkins, etc. on the bar opposite.
Overall, I think it turned out pretty well, but it was stressful to try to plan how to set up for a place that I'd never seen and then there were some complications with the keys to the clubhouse, giving us even less set up time. But in the end, we had a smiling bride, and really, isn't that what matters?

Bashful at Boden

So, with Boden's summer sale, I finally was able to work up enough courage to purchase a few items. With free shipping and returns via My Superfluities coupon code, I really don't have that much to lose. I just hate the idea of buying and getting disappointed when an item doesn't work. But both skirts are so lovely and were at the 30 dollar mark or under, which I consider reasonable, so I figured it's time to give Boden a try.

So here's the first contestant. I'm really not sure about the pencil skirt situation, but I liked the colors and I think it would be a nice work skirt that wouldn't be too hot in these summer months. Maybe it will encourage me to start running, who knows? I also purchased this skirt, and I think that the A-line will work out a little bit better. But really, there is just something about this print that I love. It seems so beautiful and cheerful at the same time. What lovely items have you all picked up during the summer sales?

Summer Reading!

I have to admit, I pretty much stopped reading for pleasure during this past school year. It's really horrible, but I found that hanging out with the husband was more fun and it was all I could do to keep up with my students' literature (which, with a new course to teach, is actually a decent amount). With that said, two trips to D.C. in this past week meant that I just finished The Help and The Lovely Bones and loved them both. It also reminded me just how much I miss reading. At this point, the biggest plus I can see to moving to D.C. is going to be the fact that I can read on the Metro. Hypothetically at least, let's not talk about how it gets so squished at rush hour that it's impossible to move, much less turn open a book or turn a page.

It seems everybody has read The Help and loves it. I liked it and read it quickly. It's a great story and enjoyable, but it's definitely not as revolutionary or brave as To Kill a Mockingbird, as NPR claims it is (at least that's what it said on the front of my book). I'm also super late to read The Lovely Bones. I know that a movie has been made, which I can only imagine would be weird. The text, however, is beautiful. I really enjoyed this book, but it was sad, as you might imagine.
As you might guess by the "bestseller commonalities", I picked up both these books at Target. I'm off this afternoon to Barnes and Noble, for a bit more selection, since I have another trip up to D.C. tomorrow. I can't guarantee that I'll end up choosing anything heavier or more "literary"; it is summer reading after all!