New TV Delight: Design Star

Do any of you enjoy Design Star? I randomly caught an episode on Sunday night, and then saw the next episode on Monday. I think I'm hooked. With DVR, I think I'll actually be able to follow the show. I really loved Monday's night challenge, since the designers all had to design an apartment on $2500. Even though $2500 dollars is still out of my budget, the challenge was a bit more realistic for me to watch. Anybody else hooked on anything good lately?

Hurricane Flowers, Cleaning and a Cupcake

Like most people on the East Coast, Hurricane Irene seemed to dominate the weekend. We were really fortunate in D.C., because we didn't lose power, but my parents did near the Richmond area, along with thousands of others. Of course, I was braced for the worst, and I think a lot of other people were too. When the husband went to go get batteries at our local CVS, there weren't any. However, he didn't come back empty-handed. Pretty drenched, he brought these lovely flowers back from the local Farmer's Market that somehow persevered despite the storm. They certainly made my weekend.

Since I was so certain that the hurricane was going to be really bad, we also ventured out in the early afternoon before she hit us. The husband was very patient as I walked around the Container Store for the first time ever. I really enjoyed walking around and seeing all of the displays. So much so, that I spent the remainder of a rainy Saturday working on organizing our closet a bit better. Specifically I tackled these plastic bins in our closet. While I wouldn't dream of getting rid of them (they're really handy), I was able to "cutify" them a bit by adding some tissue paper that I had lying around. I love that I can see polka dots; instead of a jumble of clothes. The closet still has a long way to go, but at least I'm making a little progress.

And finally, during our little outing out, the husband and I discovered a local bakery. He picked out a S'mores cupcake. It was a delicious treat to share, and I can't wait to visit again when my sister comes up to see us. There are some caramel flavors that I'm pretty sure she would love. Even though our weekend was pretty quiet, I'm just thankful that we were safe and could be together. How did you spend your weekend?

Bright with Boden

A few weeks ago, I purchased a Boden skirt, and of course posted about it. One thing about Boden is that there clothes are always brightly colored; however, I really like how cheerful they are. Of course, I was thrilled to buy a pink skirt, and was pleased with its work appropriate fit. I think that the gray somewhat tones down all the brightness. I realize this isn't the best picture, but at least the husband was kind enough to take the picture at all! In just three weeks at my new job, I've already worn it twice. If you're in the mood for some color as we enter a rainy weekend thanks to Hurricane Irene, you might check out Boden to get your color fix! Happy weekend, and I hope everyone stays safe.

A Search for a Sofa!

When we moved up to D.C., the husband and I brought our ever illustrious furniture, including a futon that we affectionately call "Fuie." Despite my husband's insistence that Fuie was good enough for us, our parents and guests frequently complained about Fuie's lack of comfort. So, with a move that we hope will be for awhile, we went about trying to find a sofa for our new apartment. I found the Metro Stationary Sofa at Lazy Boy, that I really liked, and we thought seriously about getting it, because it was fairly reasonably priced, and should last a long time. The only problem was that it wouldn't come in for a really long time, and the employees didn't seem very flexible. Out of frustration, we decided to shop at a few other stores, and we ended up finding this sofa and loveseat for about the same price as just the Lazy Boy sofa. Obviously, this furniture isn't going to last us forever, but I think that they will be pieces that will definitely improve our home and provide some better seating for our guests. The pieces won't be arriving for awhile, but as our first major purchase together, these two pieces seem fitting for celebrating our first anniversary.

An Earthquake on the East Coast?

An earthquake is the last thing that I would have expected to occur in D.C. It seems pretty crazy, because the epicenter of the earthquake was about 35 miles from where we used to live. I really felt it, but when it happened, I was pretty incredulous that it was actually occurring. Even though D.C. didn't get much damage, it certainly put everything on hold. I was very relieved that I wasn't still a teacher, since I can't imagine how much chaos ensued during this event. However, since I still work for a university, the afternoon was pretty busy facilitating an emailed response to the event. I realize that it wasn't a huge earthquake, but I definitely felt it and I'm really relieved that there wasn't more damage. Living in the city makes you feel slightly more vulnerable. When you're on the 14th floor, it's not like you can easily escape. The husband seemed pretty unfazed by the whole event, but I'm pretty thankful that it's over. It definitely shook up a relatively calm Tuesday!

The Move into the City!

On Sunday, the husband and I moved to D.C. Even though I have been a bit apprehensive about this change, so far things seem to be going pretty well. I started my new job on Monday, and I really think that I will enjoy the change of pace. While a part of me is sad that I won't be teaching, I think that my new position might be well-suited for this next step in our lives. I'm working for a university, so I'm still in a school environment and everyone is very nice. We won't have all our belongings until Friday, but we've moved our air mattress into the apartment. I thought I would really hate our new apartment, but I actually like being able to see the city. Our place is a bit smaller than I thought, but I really love our living/dining space view. Our view isn't quite this good, but we can see the Capitol and Washington Monument. We don't have the internet until late next week, so I'll just be reading blogs during lunch!

Heading to Water Country!

Even though I've had the summer off, it's flown by. The husband had the bar to study for, so we haven't had time for a vacation. With that completed, we've been visiting our parents and getting ready for our move. Before I start work on Monday, we're taking a little trip down to Water Country in Williamsburg to soak up the sun for a day and an evening. Have you had any time for a little summer get away? We're really excited about ours!

A Wedding Weekend!

The long awaited wedding for two of my husband's and mine friends finally arrived! Everything worked out perfectly and we had a great time. The most important part is our two friends are married! I really love college friends' weddings, because at the reception we get to see everyone from then and it's a great time to catch up.

I didn't take a lot of pictures at the wedding, because I figured that's the photographer's job, but I did get a chance to get a picture of the husband and me. Now, I'm kicking myself because I can't wait to see all the professional pictures of her in her dress. It was at an inn and she was a gorgeous bride. They had a small ceremony, so we felt really lucky that we could be there!