A Little Soup for Fall

The weather is starting to turn a little cooler, which is the perfect time for some soup! That and I think the husband and I are both coming down with colds. So soup it will be for a few days!

I love potato and tomato soup the best; what are your favorites? My one friend makes a pretty good butternut squash soup, which sounds divine!

Things I'm Loving for Fall

1. Scarves- I love how they're cozy and soft. I also like that it's pretty easy to add a little pizzaz to an outfit.
2. Candles-specifically pumpkin. I remember last year really loving this scent, and after taking a break during the spring and summer, I'm back in love with it's comforting scent. Something about it is just so relaxing.
3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch- Even though it's not healthy, it makes getting up just a little bit easier.
4. Jogging- With the husband gone last week, I managed to go 6/7 days. That's really good for me! Even though I don't go fast, I hope I'll be able to keep it up.
5. Enjoying the fresh air with the husband on our balcony and looking at the city.

What do you love this fall?


Sometimes I get sad that I don't teach anymore.
Like when I see this list of sayings we have because of Shakespeare.
But the problem is that if I did teach, I wouldn't have had enough time to
stumble upon it.

Kate Spade Pretties

The husband has been in NYC all week for orientation at his new job. I'm very happy, proud and thankful that he's starting, but I've missed him! I'm very happy that Friday is here, and to celebrate, I thought I'd stare mindlessly at a few Kate Spade purses that I could never afford.

Up first, I love the shape and color, even though I'm pretty sure it would look dated relatively soon. But I love the color so. The next purse I love because of the bows and the matching coin purse. The cosmetic case is also adorable. So what's catching your eye this Friday?

Lamps/Merging Styles Yet Again

With our fairly recent move, and attempts to have a more cohesive home/less dorm-like, the husband agreed that I could buy new matching lamps. Previously, we owned two $15 Target lamps. Our new lamps are also from Target, so I'm not really sure that we made any improvements, but check out what I was able to take home! My ideal bedroom would look very similar to this, minus the mirrored nightstands (I'd prefer them if they were smaller and wood). Image from Ethan Allen

The husband's ideal bedroom is not this. At all. His ideal involves a lot of brown, green, blue, and as much wood as possible. He'd be thrilled if I brought a lamp home like this (image from Pier 1).I tried to compromise with some silver/pewter colored lamps, but that just meant that neither of us were happy with the choice. Since I've been obsessed with these lamps for months/my husband is a saint, he said I should just by them. Because let's face it, he really doesn't care that much. And there is still lots of brown in the room. I love them, despite the fact that they're trendy. And even though our room isn't perfect, it's such a calming place to be. I know it's pretty crazy to be so excited about lamps, but it's the little things.

Happy Friday!

This is the last Friday before the Husband officially starts work, so we're hoping a for a weekend of just relaxing. He goes to NYC for training next week, which I guess means some packing will also probably be involved. In other news, our new sofas finally arrived. Check them out. I know that they're a bit matchy-matchy, but it's much better than our living room before. The thing I'm wondering now, is what do I need to do to round out the space a bit more. Any one have any ideas? I'd love to hear them!

Things I love about DC: Metro Reading

One of the great things about living in D.C. is that I can now ride the Metro to work. The Metro certainly has its drawbacks (sometimes super crowded, feels dirty, and can be slow), but it does offer me the opportunity to read. A lot. Since we've been to D.C., I've been able to read some classics that somehow I escaped reading before. I've recently read East of Eden, The Life and Times of Michael K., and Love in the Time of Cholera. I'm still on Love in the Time of Cholera, but I have to say that reading does make the time go faster. Now that I'm almost finished with my new books, I was wondering if anyone had read anything good lately? I'm in the mood for something a bit lighter.

Dessert Cups!

Over the weekend, I went with a friend to Pier 1. I've been lusting after numerous items from their Tasting Collecting since summer, and finally took the plunge. For less than ten dollars, these little dessert cups went home with me. You can't tell from the picture, but they have cute little etchings on the sides, lines, polka dots, etc. I couldn't resist. Now I can't wait to figure out what to put in them!

The Anniversary Celebrations; Champagne and Cupcakes

Apparently, I still haven't quite gotten into the swing of blogging regularly, but as always, I have high hopes for the future. Anyways, our first anniversary celebrations were a lot of fun. On Labor Day, we went to a local Thai restaurant that was really delicious. Our first date was Thai, and pretty much every time we go out to celebrate we find ourselves at Thai, so it was great to find a place close to us! And to commemorate the event, of course we enjoyed sharing our wedding cupcake together, minus the frosting. This poor cupcake survived my parents fridge dying, a hurricane without power for a week, and three days in the U.S. Mail. I'm not even sure what's worst. The husband cut off the frosting, because we were pretty certain that might not be safe to eat. Here's our little sad cupcake, still hanging on.We didn't have high hopes for our wedding cupcake, but we were pleasantly surprised that it was edible and pretty good! We actually ate the whole thing. Here's the proof! Since we didn't expect much from our wedding cupcake, the husband also picked up some anniversary cupcakes from D.C. Bakeshop, which we also enjoyed.
And of course we toasted using our glasses from our wedding. All in all, a lovely celebration!

One Year

I was feeling under the weather yesterday, so I didn't get this post up, but on September 6th, we celebrated our first anniversary! Being married to the husband is such a blessing and always brings me such joy. As I've already blogged about, I loved our wedding day, but it's even more fun to be married!