J.Crew Factory Sale: Some Fall Picks

I used to adore J.Crew, but for the past few seasons I hadn't bought anything from them. They're just so expensive! However J.Crew has had their Factory Sale running all this week, and I couldn't help but take a few minutes to look at some of the items. I don't really need anything, but sometimes it's fun to look.

First up, I really love this shirt. I adore navy blue and pink. This looks so cozy for a lazy Saturday with jeans. It's too much to pay for a Saturday shirt, but I do like it.I also think the pattern for this pencil skirt for fall would be lovely for work. Finally, I love this scarf. The pattern seems great for fall, but I just love the colors. Anything from J.Crew catching your eye lately?

A Parents' Visit and Some Zucchini Quich

It's Wednesday, and I'm going to meet up with my parents this evening, since my dad is coming up for a conference. Last night I cleaned up the apartment, made some zucchini quiche, and baked some cinnamon crumb muffins. My zucchini quiche didn't end up looking that impressive as this picture, but considering I've never made it, I was just pleased that it tasted good (I snuck a bite). Mine was crustless and it involved bisquick. The recipe seems easy enough, but we will see what the parents think. I am really looking forward to the visit, since this is the first time they've seen our new place! What's making you happy this Wednesday?

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I certainly enjoyed mine. I was able to see some friends and spend some time with the husband. I also did a bit of online shopping. The husband needed some new sweaters for work. I hadn't bought him anything for a few years after he got a few lambswool sweaters from J.Crew. He told me not to bother buying anything else, and the sweaters hold up pretty well. But it was definitely time for a few updates. We found two inexpensive sweaters from Banana Republic, so hopefully they will be nice once they ship. I ended up buying something for myself. I'd been eyeing this necklace from the J.Crew factory store. It was fifteen dollars, but I've liked it since the summer, so I took the plunge. The husband is getting his Christmas shopping done early! And yes, I really will wait for Christmas. How was your weekend?

Glamming up my Desk

When I used to be a teacher, I decorated my classroom and made it as friendly of a place as I possibly could. I loved the way my classroom looked, and it was a representation of me. It truly was a "happy" space, full of bright colors and polka dots. With my new job, decorating my desk has been more of getting rid of all the clutter from the previous person in my job (who I'm still shadowing) and trying to introduce a few cute items to personalize the space. It's a little difficult because I share the office space with a few others and it's a pretty serious office, so I can't let my decor be too over the top. I've added some really basic stuff like a picture frame and cup for pens. My cubicle isn't going to look like these anytime soon, but I'm a huge fan of these cubicles. What do you do to dress up your office space?

Two Little Pumpkins

It's really starting to feel like fall! The weather is turning cooler and the leaves have started to change color. I love my walk to work; I see all of these houses decorated for autumn. Even though it's a small thing, seeing these two pumpkins on my porch makes me so happy. What fall decor are you loving?

I'd Love to Make these Cupcakes!

Despite the excitement and relief from the news that the husband passed the bar, we had a pretty quiet weekend. The husband had a lot of work to do this weekend; however, we did have time to go out to dinner with friends on Sunday and of course we had some Thai food on Friday night to celebrate. But I had lots of time to search for recipes that I'd like to attempt to make. I ran into this delicious recipe for Oreo cupcakes. I think that I will be making these sometime soon, since I love Oreos. And this recipe involves a cake mix, so I have a fighting chance at being successful.

Here's the recipe that I found from The Larson Lingo blog: And I'm pretty sure that I want to pick up these cupcake wrappers from Crate and Barrel that are on sale (which is right across the street from where I work and what I will be doing during my lunch break, I hope). I hate scary Halloween themed items, but I can get behind some polka dots! I can't wait to see if I can successfully make them.

The Husband has Passed the Bar!

The husband passed the Bar today! I'm so thankful and proud of him. Tonight, we're going to celebrate with some Thai food (our favorite). Unfortunately, he will be spending the weekend working, but I'm thankful he has as job. I plan on trying out a few new recipes, cleaning and relaxing. What are your weekend plans?


A part of me really loves paisley. I know it can look a bit dated and goes in and out of style, but I like it. So it should be no surprise that I love this blouse from Banana Republic.But it's pretty expensive and I probably won't be able to get it by the time it goes on sale. But I did find some 3 dollar wrapping paper. And I might have lined the back of my closet with it. A pretty cheap paisley fix, even if it's not as classy.

Pumpkin Candles!

As I've mentioned previously, I love my Yankee Candle Pumpkin Creme Pie candle. The fragrance makes the whole apartment feel cozy and really makes me feel relaxed. I stocked up at the end of last season when they were 75 percent off, and have been enjoying them all season. Over the weekend I stopped in Crate and Barrel and found another cute pumpkin candle item. This time it's a holder carved in soapstone marble. The husband wasn't terribly amused; he thinks that it's ugly. However, I think it's a nice gift to give to my friend who is obsessed with pumpkins. What fall decor has caught your eye lately?

*Image from Crate and Barrel

Adventures in Cooking: Are Mixes Really so Wrong?

Last week, I saw an interesting recipe for pumpkin spice fudge. It sounded absolutely delicious, and I was highly determined to make it for a friend's fall party. I noticed the recipe called for a candy thermometer, so I added it to my list. When I arrived at Target, I noticed that the candy thermometer cost about 10 dollars. And then I'd probably have to spend another 10 dollars on ingredients. The real problem, is that I know as an inexperienced cook, it probably wouldn't even turn out and I'd be out 20 dollars. I thought about it for a few minutes (and am still thinking about it), but since I'm really trying to save money on groceries, I wandered over to the mixes section. For less than three dollars I picked up a Krusteaz's cinnamon crumb cake and muffin mix. I've made it before, and I know that with some cute fall themed wrappers I can move on with my life. Does anybody else ever resort to mixes?

Falling into Knitting

With the cooler weather, it seems perfect for the coziest of activities, knitting! When we moved up to the city, I had my parents store all my crafting materials, and I'm realizing now that I really miss doing all those little activities.

So this weekend, I figured out where Michaels was and stocked up on yarn. I might have gone a bit crazy, but there was just such gorgeous yarn. I only know how to make scarves, but there is something so relaxing about knitting while watching t.v. It also might help with all the snacking that I enjoy to do. I'm almost done with my first scarf, and if it turns out, I'm hoping to give it to the husband's aunt. She always gives us something beautiful that she made. While I know that my gift can never measure up, there is something so touching about a homemade gift, isn't there?