Adventures in Cooking: Are Mixes Really so Wrong?

Last week, I saw an interesting recipe for pumpkin spice fudge. It sounded absolutely delicious, and I was highly determined to make it for a friend's fall party. I noticed the recipe called for a candy thermometer, so I added it to my list. When I arrived at Target, I noticed that the candy thermometer cost about 10 dollars. And then I'd probably have to spend another 10 dollars on ingredients. The real problem, is that I know as an inexperienced cook, it probably wouldn't even turn out and I'd be out 20 dollars. I thought about it for a few minutes (and am still thinking about it), but since I'm really trying to save money on groceries, I wandered over to the mixes section. For less than three dollars I picked up a Krusteaz's cinnamon crumb cake and muffin mix. I've made it before, and I know that with some cute fall themed wrappers I can move on with my life. Does anybody else ever resort to mixes?

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