Falling into Knitting

With the cooler weather, it seems perfect for the coziest of activities, knitting! When we moved up to the city, I had my parents store all my crafting materials, and I'm realizing now that I really miss doing all those little activities.

So this weekend, I figured out where Michaels was and stocked up on yarn. I might have gone a bit crazy, but there was just such gorgeous yarn. I only know how to make scarves, but there is something so relaxing about knitting while watching t.v. It also might help with all the snacking that I enjoy to do. I'm almost done with my first scarf, and if it turns out, I'm hoping to give it to the husband's aunt. She always gives us something beautiful that she made. While I know that my gift can never measure up, there is something so touching about a homemade gift, isn't there?


ms. mindless said...

I want to learn how to knit. My mom knits and crochets and right now and I wish I could too.

Mo Pie, Please said...

I love that I've learned to knit - it's changed my life! One day I was just like, "I'm going to learn to knit today" and I did. It was hard but I learned and now I'm pretty good!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

My friend attempted to teach me how to knit and it didn't work out too well. I actually like it so at least I should try again!

agalandherdog said...

My friend and I just bought a Groupon for 2 knitting classes and supplies. I've always wanted to learn! You should check out these blogs. They are both ones that I follow even though I don't knit . . . yet: