I'd Love to Make these Cupcakes!

Despite the excitement and relief from the news that the husband passed the bar, we had a pretty quiet weekend. The husband had a lot of work to do this weekend; however, we did have time to go out to dinner with friends on Sunday and of course we had some Thai food on Friday night to celebrate. But I had lots of time to search for recipes that I'd like to attempt to make. I ran into this delicious recipe for Oreo cupcakes. I think that I will be making these sometime soon, since I love Oreos. And this recipe involves a cake mix, so I have a fighting chance at being successful.

Here's the recipe that I found from The Larson Lingo blog: And I'm pretty sure that I want to pick up these cupcake wrappers from Crate and Barrel that are on sale (which is right across the street from where I work and what I will be doing during my lunch break, I hope). I hate scary Halloween themed items, but I can get behind some polka dots! I can't wait to see if I can successfully make them.


audrey marie said...

oooo definitely should - they look delic. congrats to your hubby!

Emily | Recently said...

Oh dear, these look heavenly! I think they'd be a huge hit at my house!

Jamie@HandlingWithGrace said...

Oreo cupcakes sound amazing!