Getting Excited for Christmas: Christmas Cards have been Ordered!

Going home for the weekend was really wonderful. Even though my mom is still in a decent amount of pain and has quite a bit of recovery to go, it was really great to see my family. I can't wait until this short week is over and we go home for Thanksgiving!

While at home, I did order our Christmas cards. I'm looking forward to when they arrive. I also set up a Christmas tree at my parents' house and started going through some of our Christmas decor and some of the things I purchased on sale last year. I'm looking forward to wrapping up a few gifts, but this year I'm going to really try to give things that are meaningful instead of just filling an obligation. I don't know how successful I will be though, because obligatory gifts definitely exist. I'm interested in hearing any ideas in how you give thoughtfully.


amy b.s. said...

wow! you are on the ball! i haven't even gotten around to taking a christmas photo yet!

Alexa said...

So so cute...can't wait for the holidays! xo

Kendall said...

I love them! I've got mine ordered as well...I'm super excited about them!