Getting Excited for Christmas: West Elm Picks

I've never shopped at West Elm in person, but I found their online store a few weeks ago, and several items have caught my eye as perfect Christmas gifts.

For my grandmother who has no material needs whatsoever, but loves animals, I think this mug would be perfect. I think she will enjoy looking at the dogs on the mug, and half of the cost is donated to the SPCA. I also think that these bowls are so unique looking, and would be a lovely addition to any kitchen. And finally, a part of me really loves these cosmetics bags. I think they'd be perfect for my old college roommate who likes things with "an edge." I think these are nice because they aren't too "sweet." I was going to get the gray one for my sister, but they sold out too quickly! Are you a fan of West Elm?


Elle Sees said...

Yes! Love the store displays and they have the cleanest bathrooms!

Farah of Legally Stylish said...

I love west elm...I can always find something fabulous there!