Late to the Party: Something Borrowed

My husband likes to save money by only seeing movies via Netflix. So, I hadn't seen Something Borrowed. I didn't think I would like it very much, since the idea of cheating really bothers me. Cheating with one's best friend's finace bothers me even more. But, the husband was working late last night, so I decided to watch it. And it wasn't actually that bad. I actually thought that all the actors and actresses did a great job, and it was perfectly cast. Any other movies that you've been surprised you liked?


MCW said...

I thought it was ok...better then I expected. But, I am really not a fan of Kate Hudson at all! She always looks like she is smirking or something.

Everyday Adventures said...

Have you read the book? I thought the book was really good as well as something blue which is going to be a movie as well! John Krasinski is one of my favorites ever so I loved him in it. The movie's concept is hard because you don't want them to cheat or lie but then its like they should have been together all along lol Sorry for the long synopsis...any ways glad you enjoyed this movie!

Elle Sees said...

is it like the movie sabrina? the premise, i mean. never seen it.
ok, i hate sappy books, just ugh, but i CRIED the HARDEST during The Notebook. I loved it. loved it.

Anya adores said...

Haven't seen it - but may give it a shot. 500 days of summer - was a nice surprise - and the song there by Carla Bruni is amazing.
Happy friday to you,