A Lucky Day!

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm looking forward to going home and seeing my sister and family this weekend. My mother had a hip replacement on Monday, so we're going home to see what we can do. Fortunately, she's progressing as planned, but the recovery is still quite a process and I think she's in a decent amount of pain. My brother and his wife live close by, so they have been doing quite a bit to help my parents. I'm happy that I only live a few hours and can go home relatively easily for the weekend. Also, I haven't seen my sister since Labor Day, and I miss her so.

In other news, I won something! To be specific, I won these four pillow covers from the lovely blog Roost. I truly cannot believe my good fortune. I rarely win anything, and if I do it's rarely useful. I've been nagging my husband about getting throw pillows for our new sofa that we bought a few months ago. I think that the colors will work beautifully. Even though pink is very feminine, my dear husband is nice enough to let me have pops of pink in the living room. In fact, he actually buys me pink accessories on rare occasion. See these little pink vases next to our t.v.? He bought those for me a few Christmases ago. I think that they will go well with our new pillow covers! Here's wishing you a happy weekend!


amy b.s. said...

how great on your win!

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Have a terrific weekend. Luck you! Those pillow covers are gorgeous.

Elle Sees said...

those pillows are too cute. hope mom gets well asap!

Claire Vázquez said...

luck you!!, I like your blog, I pass by your blog often.
I invite you to visit me and follow me if you like.
a kiss, Claire.

Kendall said...

Lucky lucky you! Those are awesome.

Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

Crazy about those pillows! They are perfect! Exactly what I love - lucky you!