The Real Simple Winner!

Good morning, the Real Simple winner is MCW from Saving the Best for last...(fingers crossed). A big thank you for everyone who entered. I hope that each of you realizes how much I appreciate you, even if you didn't win.

I'm wishing you all a happy MLK Day too. I hope that a few of you were lucky enough to have the day off. In related news, did you know that they are going to change one of the quotes at the MLK Memorial?

*Please note, I have no affiliation with Real Simple and they didn't sponsor this giveaway. I just thought it would be fun, since I always enjoy picking up their magazine.


MCW said...

So excited!!! Thanks so much. Can't wait to get my first mag!

Jax said...

Congratulations to the winner :) What a great start to a week!

LuvRedandWhite said...

YAY for MCW :)