What I'm Loving this Wednesday

For starters, I'm super thankful that I had an umbrella and rain jacket today. It's pretty icky outside, so I'm glad that I didn't get soaking wet.

I'm also loving that for perhaps the second time since August, the husband got home before me last night.

I'm loving that I was able to make dinner thanks to Archer Farms Indian Vindaloo mix and some store bought naan. The husband was impressed and appreciative (it looked like I was cooking since I made the rice and heated everything up), but dinner was ready in about twenty minutes, which is always a winner. It was also quite tasty and definitely a deviation from our normal fare.

Finally, I'm appreciating all of your comments yesterday; some are quite helpful and I really appreciate the encouragement. I hope you're having a lovely Wednesday!

Maintaining Momentum

Last week I did really great with my exercise program, and I really felt empowered. Last night, I came home from work and instead of jogging, I ate dinner and took a long nap. Laziness personified. I feel a little bit more motivated today (thanks to some sunshine), but it's still hard for me to overcome the feelings of exhaustion and hunger at the end of the day. I'm not a morning person at all, so exercising in the morning isn't really an option. So my question for you, is how do you push through all of that at the end of the day? I'd love to hear what helps you stay disciplined, because I'm sorely lacking.

Some Spring Dresses

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. With a glimpse of spring weather on its way, I'm starting to think about spring dresses. While I'm not going to buy anything for awhile because I'm attempting to lose a bit of weight and save some money, it's always fun to browse! I love all of the patterns at Boden, and I must admit that a few dresses are quite lovely. I think that this dress would be modest enough for work, but it's still interesting. I also think that this pattern is perfect for spring; it's so bright and cheerful! I also like this inexpensive dress from Target; I think it'd be perfect for hot, summer days.
Sadly, I went to BR on Sunday afternoon and discovered that this dress was on sale, but they didn't have it in my size. I'm so sad that they sold out of this dress so quickly; before spring has even officially arrived! The consolation though, is that it probably would have looked goofy on me anyways. :) What's catching your eye this Monday?

Finally Friday!

This week has seemed pretty long, and I'm very happy to welcome Friday and the weekend. The husband is back from his business trip, and I'm hoping that he might not have to work all weekend. Regardless, my sister is flying into D.C. on Saturday night on her way home, so I will get to see her for a few minutes. She hasn't seen our apartment since we moved up here in August, and I'm definitely looking forward to our brief visit. There is nothing quite like sisters, is there?

She's really busy because she's finishing up her doctorate in math and applying for jobs. She actually has an interview this Saturday, so wish her luck. The motto of "work hard and be nice to people" in this picture certainly applies to her. I've never known anybody who worked as hard as she is nor is as giving. I'm seriously so blessed to have her as my sister. She's a born teacher (I have so many memories of us playing school when we were little), and quite frankly, I never thought it was possible to be as passionate about math as she is. So, I'm really hoping and praying that all of her dedication will pay off soon.

What's up for your weekend? I hope it will be relaxing and full of lovely things.

The Beginnings of Spring

On my walk to work this morning, I realized that it is starting to feel like spring! While I still had my winter jacket, I have a feeling I won't be needing it this evening. It's funny how the warmth of spring can suddenly make our cares feel a bit lighter, isn't it?

Pops of Pink

It's no secret that I adore pink. Here are a few of my favorite pink images that I've seen lately around the web.

First up, I love this dining room, and I think it's pretty much perfection. The geometric pattern and the pink are lovely.
I also really like this desk space. I think the dark wood against the pink is very elegant.

I also think that this is a gorgeous living room.
What rooms are catching your eyes these days? It's always fun to dream a bit.

Items from Ikea!

This weekend I made a quick run to Ikea, since I had to be in the area anyways. I have to admit that I almost skipped the trip, but I'm glad I didn't. While I didn't pick up anything big, I did get a few things that I feel make our home a bit better. Not to mention, a delicious ice cream cone and slice of pizza!

First up would be these hangers. I love Ikea hangers because they're so reasonable (four dollars for eight!). I only picked up two packs, but I've already told the husband that for my birthday I'd like to go to Ikea with him, walk around, and get a few more. It's a dream of mine to have almost all matching hangers in our closet someday. Call me crazy, but our closet is visible and it's amazing how much a little uniformity can do for my mood. I also got some shelf inserts. Considering our shelf space (and how much I attempt to cram into our cabinets), these things are really amazing. They help you maximize your space, but it doesn't look as cluttered. This fixed two problem cabinets in our kitchen, and even the husband noticed the difference. I also have to say that I enjoy putting them together. It makes me feel quite handy. However, if you're not in the mood for that sort of thing, The Container Store sells ones that require zero assembly.Finally, I picked up two of these vases to round out the other one that I bought two years ago. I could never get the arrangement to look quite right with just one, and now I'm finding that the three of them look lovely together! While I realize that Ikea isn't for everyone, I certainly enjoyed my trip. Have you picked up anything little for your home lately that you're really enjoying?

Happy President's Day!

For those of you lucky enough to be off, I hope you enjoy your day. I ended up driving to work this morning, because of the Metro's scheduled work, and I appreciated the lack of traffic. It's pretty amazing when you can leave at the same time you normally do, drop your husband off at his work, and still get to the office thirty minutes earlier than usual! I thought this morning was going to be a nightmare, but it was really lovely. Isn't that a nice surprise for a Monday?

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! What are you looking forward to this weekend? Since the husband is working this weekend, I plan on enjoying myself with all things girlie that drives him crazy. Unfortunately, it won't include this pink bathtub, but isn't it a a lovely space?

Loving the Library

I love books, so it's natural that I'd love libraries. A place with lots of books and you can get them for free? Sounds good to me. ! I have memories of my mom loading us into the car so we could go to our weekly story time. The trips continued well through high school, and as a teacher I've drug my fair share of students to the school library (these little adventures could be horrifying to see what sort of chaos would break out). Oddly enough, I have been to the British Library, the New York City Library and the Boston Library. For someone who doesn't travel, that's pretty good. However, since we've moved, I haven't been to visit our local library. With my Kindle, I discovered that you can actually use your library to borrow books too. It sounds absolutely perfect, and just the thing I need to lure me back to the library. What about you? Are you a fan of your local library?

P*P*P's Great Giveaway!

Are you a follower of Positively Preppy in Pink? I always enjoy reading her blog and hearing about her NYC adventures, and now she's hosting a great giveaway. Make sure to enter! Best of luck. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers! I have to admit that I'm feeling a bit lackluster about the holiday today. However, I did enjoy seeing all the kids hauling their bags of valentine's on my way to work this morning. As I mentioned, we're going to celebrate with some pink macarons and champagne (if the husband gets home before I fall asleep). If it looks like he might have to stay really late, I'm planning on stopping by with some candy and a picture frame of the two of us for his office (he's wanted to bring one in, but just never gets around to getting it all together).

I must say, I'm excited to see and wear all the pink today. Yes, I'm totally decked out with my pink heart bracelets from Forever 21 and a bright pink scarf. I hope you have a lovely day!

Forever 21: Some Cheap Thrills

A few days ago, I saw these cute heart bangles on a guest post at Elle Sees and I thought they'd be perfect for Valentine's Day/a great excuse to indulge in my love of pink. It turns out they were from Forever 21, which meant they were a cheap thrill I could afford. I know it's not classy or timeless, but I checked with the husband and after some ridicule, I got the green light. Originally, I was going to send one or two to my sister for Valentine's Day, but they didn't arrive in time. I also bought this. I couldn't resist this bag either. My purchases arrived on Friday afternoon, and I've been admiring and wearing them ever since. Have you ever had any luck with Forever 21 before? I think I might be checking out their stores sometime soon, despite the fact that I'm not exactly their target clientele.

Cupcakes and Champagne

Yay for Friday! It seems like it's been a long week, and I'm definitely ready for it. I'm looking forward to a weekend of no plans and just relaxing. At the last minute, it looks like the husband will be working from home all weekend, so I'm going to be entertaining myself with some cleaning, a bit of shopping, and hitting up our apartment's gym.

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I plan on picking up some champagne when I run my weekly errands and maybe making some type of baked treat. Don't these rock candy cupcakes look festive? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Some Sunny Yellow

I don't know about you, but I could use some yellow today! Hopefully, this will inject enough optomism to get us to the weekend. First up, I love this yellow and pink space. That duvet looks so cozy, I wish I could dive right in. And as you know, I love my stripes and blue. I also like how these little throw pillows and lamp can inject so much color into an otherwise neutral space. And because who knows what could happen today, here's a cheerful sign to keep us going.

Valentine's Day Cards

I love Valentine's Day. I think it has something to do about all the pink and red, and the fact that it involves candy and sometimes flowers. The husband isn't a huge fan of the holiday, so I've had to scale down my enthusiasm and expectations, but one thing I love to do is to send cards to family and friends. Isn't this card from Tiny Prints cute? I ended up just picking up a value pack of cards from Target, but I don't think they are any less cute. Are you a fan of sending out cards, or is that just too elementary school for you?

Kate Spade Sample Sale!

It looks like Kate Spade is having a sample sale today. I wasn't too tempted by anything, but it's always fun to look. If you're in the market for a new bag, today might be your lucky day! I also have to say that the cocktail rings look like fun. I don't wear such large jewelry, but I think they'd make a lovely little gift!

Party Recipes

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine consisted of errands, cooking, and the Super Bowl. I didn't make the Blue Moon cupcakes, since the husband didn't seem too intriuged, but I did make this guacomole from Ina Garten, corn bread to go with chili, brownies from the box, and macarons that were blue. I was happy to see that my food was quickly eaten! One of my friends also made Cowgirl Caviar from "I Love Trader Joe's Party Cookbook." It was delicious; I think I need to get a copy of that cookbook. What are your favorite recipes for a party?m

Super Bowl Sunday and Beer Cupcakes

I found the recipe to make Blue Moon and Corona cupcakes from Mo Pie, Please, and I thought it'd be perfect for the Super Bowl festivities this Sunday afternoon. The husband doesn't seem as enthused, so I'm still on the look out for something fun for Sunday. Any ideas? I found all these recipes for dips from Design Crush, but I'm still thinking. What are your plans for this weekend? I couldn't care less about the Super Bowl this Sunday, but I'm excited about seeing friends. I'm also looking forward to just catching up with everything and relaxing. Happy Friday!

Kindle Love

For the most part, I'm okay at going through my stuff and purging things that I'm not using. However, I am a book hoarder. For a few years, I had books stashed at my parents' house, but over Christmas I decided that they must come back with me. When I hauled them back, I realized that my bookshelf was already crammed with books (they were at my parents' home for a reason), so I shoved them under the bed.

Then I realized that with my new Kindle, I could hoard books a whole new way. The great thing is the books I've been storing are all Victorian Lit, and written before 1923. So I could download them for free. It took me a few weeks to adjust to the idea, but last weekend, I finally was able to donate the rest of the books that we really didn't have space to store. The best part is that I still have them electronically, and they are much lighter to carry around and take up less space! Even though I never thought I'd be converted to the Kindle so easily, I must say that I adore how easy it is to have multiple books with you. It's also much easier to read on the Metro, as you can turn the page with one hand (and with your other hand cling to the bar for dear life). Anybody else won over by the ease of the Kindle/Nook?