Heading to Mount Vernon!

Happy Friday! This week has been busy, but sometimes that is nice. I'm looking forward to a friend coming up to visit this weekend, and we're going to go to Mount Vernon. It should be a fun time. Even though it's something that you do when you're in grade school, a part of me sometimes really enjoys visiting historic homes. I think it might have to do something with the fact that my mom bought season passes for multiple years to Colonial Williamsburg. Company always gives me an excuse to go see things I normally wouldn't. Are you a fan?

Dinner Last Night

I'm not a really big fan of salad; however, I'm a huge fan of this blue cheese and pear salad. I found the recipe in the Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook that a friend gave me, and it's very delicious. It's really easy: fresh greens, pear slices, blue cheese, sunflower seeds, olive oil, and freshly squeezed lemon. The recipe also calls for walnuts, but I find that it's a bit overkill since you already have sunflower seeds. I'm not claiming that it's the healthiest salad, but I think it's tastier than a Lean Cuisine any day. Any favorite go-to salad recipes that you have? This recipe has definitely made me re-think a basic salad!

A New Summer Dress

For my birthday, and because I seem to be short on summer clothes, I bought a few dresses from Target. While two of them decidedly didn't work, I am a fan of this one. I tried it on Saturday morning, and the husband wondered why I was so dressed up with this on. It's perfect because it's modal cotton, so it's very comfy and easy, but it still is flattering (which I think can be a struggle with this material). At least, I really struggle with finding a comfortable dress that still looks decent on me. For less than 25 dollars, I'm pretty excited about my new dress. I have some black sparkly sandals and a long white pearl necklace that I think will make this the perfect dress for running errands during the summertime. And who knows, maybe even the husband will take me out for a summer date! Any new spring purchases? I'm definitely in the mood to buy some summer clothes, so I'd love to hear!

Cherry Blossoms!

We actually did venture out to go see the cherry blossoms on Saturday, and despite the dreary weather, they were actually really beautiful. Although, since we trekked down to the tidal basin, we once again, weren't really veering off of our usual habits when we decide to go into the city. It seems we just love going to the monuments! I don't think the husband was terribly impressed by the cherry blossoms. He thought they were pretty, but he couldn't understand why so many people flock to go see them every year. The weather wasn't ideal, but we could still appreciate how lovely the blossoms are. It was fun to go see it, but I have a feeling that it will be difficult to convince the husband to go back next year. I caught him doing this a few times during our visit (checking the trusty blackberry). To be fair, he'd recently found out that he was going to be doing a new project this weekend. The visit to the cherry blossoms also neatly coincided with a visit to his office. But, I don't really have much to complain about, because we also visited Chipotle for lunch. See how happy I look? This is because we had already decided on stopping by Chipotle and I was surrounded by beautiful pink flowers. I think the area is especially pituresque this time of year, and I can understand why people go. I think it'd be a shame if we hadn't visited. D.C. is looking lovely this time of year!Did you enjoy the beautiful spring-like weather this weekend?

D.C. Cherry Blossoms

Happy Friday, everyone! With allergy season/a cold, I've been a bit of a slug this week. Actually, I think even that is an understatement. I am, however, looking forward to this weekend (it's pretty hard to dread a weekend, isn't it?). I'm not exactly sure what we have planned, but I'd really like to go check out D.C.'s cherry blossoms. Miss Mindless's post inspired me. The husband and I haven't done very much touring of our city (we also have this terrible habit of always going to the American Smithsonian or the memorials), and I have a desire to visit our capitol (I haven't been since I was in elementary school). I'd also like to visit the Library of Congress and the Folger library. I'm not really sure if we will do any of it, but it's fun to think that we will be a little adventurous. Until all the pollen stops me, that is. What are your plans? Any sight seeing?

The Story of the West Elm Shower Curtain

Yesterday, I checked my email and saw that my husband had forwarded me an email from West Elm. Not a place where he shops or receives emails from, so I was curious. Friends, my husband bought the shower curtain that I've wanted for months. As I've explained previously, this is a big deal. In a few short days, the brown striped monstrosity that my husband has clung onto since law school will be removed from our bathroom. Something bright and light that matches our tile will be replacing it. I cannot wait. Ironic that it should happen on the day I announce on my blog that sometimes my husband doesn't understand me, but I guess sometimes he does get it. And then he decides to do something for me that's very nice.

My Big Birthday Gift!

In the last Kate Spade sample sale, look what my sister picked up for me for my birthday? I'm pretty excited to have such a beautiful Kate Spade purse. The lining is cute too; white, gold, and black polka dots. The husband is completely clueless as to why I'm so excited about it. Thank goodness I have a sister! Any loves you have that boys just don't understand?

My 28th Birthday

Thanks for all the birthday wishes on Friday! I have to admit that I was feeling pretty lackluster about my birthday. The husband got sick with a cold at the end of the week, canceling my trip home. However, I was surprised that it was a lovely day.

On Friday night, I was greeted with a package from a friend containing these. I was also surprised on my birthday to find these flowers from my sister, brother, and his wife. (My family doesn't particularly like to send flowers because of the frivolous expense, so it was truly a wonderful surprise.) The husband claims he doesn't know where to buy flowers in the city, so I had given up on getting flowers. Yesterday, I pointed out that they sell them at Whole Foods. Two blocks from our apartment. I can only hope he will find where they sell flowers someday. And last, but certainly not least, a friend, my husband and I got to try Georgetown Cupcakes for the first time. We pre-ordered, so we didn't have to wait in line. It was a great experience, and their cupcakes are pretty yummy! See how gleeful I am here? All in all, it was great to spend the day!

Happy Friday!

Sunday is my birthday! I'm going to be celebrating by going to visit my family on Saturday, and then on Sunday the husband and I are going to Georgetown Cupcakes. I've wanted to try their cupcakes for two years now, and I'm finally going to get to do so! This whole week has been a bit unusual and stressful, so I'm looking forward to everything getting back to normal soon. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

* Image from Oh Happy Day


I'm back! The husband and I made it back from visiting his dad on Monday night, but it's just now that I'm starting to feel recovered and caught up. Thankfully, his surgery went well, which is truly an answer to prayer. I truly appreciate all of your kind comments on Friday; they meant a lot. I don't have too much to say this Wednesday, except that ice water is amazing when you're tired and driving.

This spring weather is also definitely energizing me today, and I'm looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs!

Matters of the Heart

The husband and I will be heading out of town to visit his dad this weekend. On Monday his dad is have heart surgery, so I think this weekend could be a difficult one for us. My father-in-law is relatively young and pretty healthy, so I'm hopeful that he will have a relatively quick and full recovery. Regardless, my husband is an only child, and his partens are divorced, so in a way, I think that makes situations like this more difficult.

Updating my Desk

As I've blogged about before, I'm always trying to figure out how to make my work desk a little less austere and a bit more lovely. While I've resisted Martha Stewart's new office line at Staples for weeks (it seems like years), I think I'm going to be giving in very soon. I've decided that one pack of these folders would really spruce up my desk space. I'm also very eager to add a box to hide all of the clutter that I have to keep, but rarely use. Now, if I discover that Staples is sold out, I'll only have myself to blame for holding out so long. The best part is that the husband hates this color, but I can do whatever I want at work. Have any purchased from Martha's newest line?

This is Just to Say

Do you ever get phrases stuck in your mind? I don't read poetry on a regular basis, but some poems just stick with me. For some reason, I sometimes think of this poem by William Carlos Williams on occasion.

This is Just to Say

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

If I were to make a "This is just to say" poem today, it would be to say that I think you are lovely.

Another Kate Spade Sample Sale!

It looks like Kate Spade is offering yet another sample sale to tempt us! I thought the selection was much better this time, and my sister has generously bought something from the sale for my birthday in a few weeks. But of course, I have to wait until then!

Here are some of my favorites: This lovely neutral bag, with the happy polka dot lining. This bag is also pretty, but I think it'd be a bit unwieldy for my daily use, and doesn't match with too much. They also have these cute "sweet nothing" earrings. The blue and pink ones are both lovely. Even if you don't buy something, there is definitely some beautiful things to look at this Monday!