Where art thou: Domino Magazine

Has anybody had any luck locating the new Domino magazine?  Even though it's 10 dollars, I still really want to own it.  The problem is, I can't find it anywhere!  I've looked at two Barnes and Nobles, CVS, Target and Home Depot.  I might be a little crazy, but I really want to find the magazine.  I'm guessing this late in the month, they've already sold out. If you managed to find the new magazine, was it worth it?

A Spring Salad

I really love all different types of cheese, but this weekend, I was reminded by how delicious goat cheese is.  I have dreams of making this salad or maybe this one. Although I think I will modify it (aka take out a few things to make it simpler and cheaper), goat cheese with cranberries sounds divine.  One thing I've realized is that I really love salads that are a bit sweet and use a less "typical" type of cheese.  Any favorite salad combinations?

Back to Monday

Good morning!  I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend.  I have to admit that the new look of blogger and the hectic nature of work has kept me from blogging for a few days.  This weekend was pretty low-key, which is exactly what I needed.  We did have friends over on Friday night to play Settlers of Catan.  Have you ever played?  The husband is now obsessed, and is trying to figure out when he can play next. One thing that I really enjoy about living in the D.C. area, is that we can see some of our friends from undergrad a little bit more.  Even though we've all changed a bit, it's pretty cool to get together!

A rainy, cold Monday isn't exactly the most inspiring way to start a Monday, but the upcoming warmth of May will be here soon enough, I suppose!

Take me out to the ball game!

The husband and I don't go out very much, mostly because we are cheap. I don't think we've been to a movie in over a year, although we almost went to see Sherlock during the Christmas season. However, the husband loves going to sporting events. While the Nationals tickets are a bit pricey on the weekend (well, at least for us twenty dollars per ticket is a bit much), the tickets are pretty reasonable on the weekdays. We were able to buy two tickets for fifteen dollars for Monday nights game, which makes it a pretty fun date night. It's even more fun if you only go out rarely! What cheap dates are you a fan of?

Teddy Roosevelt Island

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! This weekend was nice because the husband didn't have work to do, which made it very relaxing. On Saturday, he actually went through his clothes and donated some to Goodwill. He is just finally getting around to donating things from high school. The good news is that allowed us a little more space, which made it possible for us to find room for our new carry-on suitcase that I'd had stashed behind our loveseat. We also got out a bit, and we went to Roosevelt Island and the Smithsonian Castle and Natural History Museum. It's hard to resist this beautiful weather, even if it is allergy season!

Spring "Cleaning"

When I get home later than usual from work (that seems to be the theme this week), I am exhausted. However, with my brother and his wife coming to visit, I knew that I couldn't let them see our place a complete wreck. It's the first time they've come to visit! We still haven't unpacked from our Easter trip, so I found myself shoving the suitcase in a little area that no one can see between our loveseat and window (it's about a two feet gap). While I will tackle it this weekend, I couldn't deal with it in addition to trying to actually scrub down our kitchen and bathroom. Anybody else ever "tidy up" like that? Apparently, having a chart like this found from the Little Green Notebook can help solve situations like the one I found myself in last night. I thought a chart for our little apartment was a silly idea, but I guess not!

Spring Cleaning: Cleaning out the Fridge!

While most of my weekend was consumed with traveling and celebrating Easter, I was able to clean out the fridge and freezer on Saturday morning before we left. While the fridge usually never gets too bad, I don't scrub it down every week. Real Simple has an article on how you can clean the fridge in just 20 minutes, which makes the task seem manageable. IHeart Organizing also has some tips on how to get a clean fridge (use a magic eraser to clean the front) and a make over of a family fridge (much harder to keep organized with that much volume!). It's funny how just a little task like that made me feel a bit more organized and accomplished. It also made grocery shopping and meal planning a bit more efficient, since I was able to evaluate what we are/aren't eating. Even though I didn't buy anything fancy to organize the fridge, there are a few things that would certainly "cutify" a fridge.

From Anthropologie, I love this little container and egg crate.And of course, if you were to buy those two, you'd have to pick up some Martha Stewart food storage containers. We received the juice container in this design as a wedding gift, and I use it everyday. However, don't worry, I'm not that obsessed with my fridge! Any areas in the kitchen you are thinking of tackling? I know that I have to deal with all of my kitchen cabinets; especially my pots and pans. It's getting a bit out of control!


It's no secret that I love Kate Spade, as the proud owner of some of their china place settings and the tidbit plates. As a special birthday present, my parents gave me a set of these two appetizer plates. I'm very excited to use them, and already have one on the coffee table with some candy on it. Well...there was candy on it until we started eating it and the husband suggested that perhaps we put the candy away....

With my brother and his wife's visit coming up, I have an excuse! I stocked up on a few easy appetizers that I can slip in the oven after work. I went with some trusty quiches and some cheddar bacon potato bites that we already had on hand. I also picked up some blueberry no-bake cheesecake mix that I'm going to put in my mini dessert glasses that I have. It's kind of fun to have a few more adult dishes to entertain with! What do you love to serve company when they come?

Easter 2012

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! The husband and I were able to go home to my parents for Easter, and it was really great to be home. I was able to see my brother too, but unfortunately, my sister had to work and I couldn't spend Easter with her. However, I'm hopeful that next year we might get to be together.

On Easter Sunday we went to my parent's church, which is where we were married. It was really nice to be back and made both of us feel a bit sentimental. Either way, the trip home was refreshing, and I'm looking forward to this week, as Thursday brings a visit from my brother and his wife! How was your weekend?

Mix it up!

Lately, I feel that I've been in a bit of a rut. I guess that's the thing about life; once you get patterns down, it can be hard to break them. I also think that sometimes all of our habits have a purpose because they seem to work for us! However, with the advent of spring, I'm thinking that I need to mix up my wardrobe a bit, get back on some sort of exercise plan, and learn how to cook more weekday dishes. So basically, this picture encapsulates all the things I need to improve upon; isn't it gorgeous? Anyone have any good tips for breaking boring old habits?

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Cherry Vanilla Pound Cake

When I was in Target last weekend, I have to admit that all of their Easter products got me quite excited. I abstained from buying too much, but I couldn't resist buying a bundt pan in a lovely spring blue color. For Easter weekend, I plan on trying to make a cherry pound cake, and I'm eager to see how it turns out. I was really inspired by this recipe, and I only hope that mine turns out half as pretty. We shall see how my attempt goes. Are you planning on baking anything special soon?

Spring Skirts

With this warmer weather, I'm seriously coveting some spring skirts. Here are a few that I wish would just magically find their way to my closet.

First up, I love this skirt from Boden. I think I would actually buy this, but the cut isn't as flattering as their pencil skirts, for some odd reason. The print is so beautiful though. I'm a sucker for navy blue.I also really love this skirt from the Loft. I have a feeling it will sell out before it makes it to the sale rack. If this were just a little longer and more work appropriate, I would buy this in a minute. This skirt from Ann Taylor is also pretty, but once again, a little bit out of my price range. At least it's fun to browse online!Any spring clothes catching your eye lately?