The 30 Day Shred

So the other day, I went to our apartment gym after work.  Every single machine was taken; I guess everyone is trying to get in shape for summer.  I thought for a few minutes about running outside, but decided to go back to the apartment and do Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I was momentarily disappointed because I thought that I wouldn't get as good of a workout as running.  Let's just say I'd forgotten how intense it was. I'm slightly sore today, but better than I remembered last summer, so maybe I'm making some progress.  Any favorite workouts?

It's Summer!

It's officially the beginning of summer! Although this picture was taken a few weeks before, baseball games seem like the quintessential summer activity.  That and going to the pool as much as possible. My little mini-vacation was absolutely lovely.  It was great to be home with my mom on her birthday and to see my sister. I don't have any pictures from my time home, but I thought I'd share this one of the husband and his birthday cake.  Yes, he was tired, so he got cake in bed.
 I also really got my money out of this birthday banner.  It was used for three birthdays in one week!  Here it is hanging in our window at our apartment, although, it found a nicer home in front of my parents' fireplace this weekend.
Of course all these birthdays involved me buying presents for myself. While I was at Target looking for a gift for my sister, I found this little pink piggy bank in the dollar bin.  The husband hates it, but I think it's great.  I'll probably take it into work to brighten up my desk, but for now, I have it on my nightstand.  I thought it matched the picture of me and my sister.

 I also found this lemon scented candle at Home Goods this weekend.  I love the scent of lemon in the summer.  It's light and smells like I just cleaned! How was your Memorial Day break?

More Birthday Celebrations!

The husband had a good birthday yesterday and I appreciate all the well-wishes! I always get a bit nervous that I'm not doing enough for his birthday, and I forget that the husband is so low-key and appreciates whatever I do.  I'm pretty excited because I'm signing off for the rest of this week.  My mom's birthday is this Friday and my sister's is this Monday, so I'm taking advantage of the long weekend and taking a trip home.  We also have my sister's graduation to celebrate; can you tell that this month has involved a lot of agonizing over gifts? The celebrations continue!

Happy Birthday to the Husband!

Happy birthday to the husband who turns 26 today! I'm two years older than him, and it's amazing to me how much he has accomplished and how he is usually maturer than me. Even though we will have a low-key evening, we celebrated this weekend with the Orioles/Nationals game.  There will also be cake and ice cream involved in this evening's festivities.  And lots of candles and singing. :) He is certainly worth celebrating.

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  This weekend is actually looking pretty busy for me.  I have a dinner engagement with my husband for his work tonight and then tomorrow I will be working an event for my work all afternoon and evening (if I could only look as chic as this lady here).  There is a chance my father-in-law might also be visiting, so I'm going to be trying to clean as much as possible before he arrives. Of course, we have the Orioles game on Sunday, so there will be lots of fun mixed in.  What are your weekend plans?

Thanks and Wardrobe Basics

Thanks for all the suggestions yesterday!  We bought tickets to go see the Orioles play on Sunday.  They are the husband's favorite team, and we've never gone to a game before.  I think it will work out pretty well, even though I'm not the biggest baseball fan ever (or at all). I'll still put together a little something, but it's nice that we are going to do something special for his birthday. 

In other news, the husband has a firm dinner that I've been invited to on Friday.  I had another moment of "I have nothing to wear", which got me thinking about professional staples.  I think my next big purchase will be a light wool sheath dress. While this isn't exactly it, I think these two are very polished from Banana Republic.
What do you think are must-haves for building a work wardrobe?

Birthday Gift Ideas?

The husband's birthday is next Tuesday.  He's pretty amazing and so good to me, so I'd like to do something really nice for him.  The problem is I have no idea what to do and I'm running out of time! Usually I make him a basket/bag of things he likes (i.e. beef jerky, his favorite candy, rum).  But this time around it seems so lame.  Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate all the help I can get. Right now, my only idea is a nice citronella candle for sitting outside on the balcony.

C. Wonder is having a sale!

Even though I'm trying to be good, when I received an email from C. Wonder, I had to check out their sale.  Their bags and clothes were quite marked down, but I love their home goods. I got quite a few things, which I think will be great gifts for the future.  I've never shopped at C. Wonder, but if I go to NYC ever, I'm going to this store. 

I got this little trinket box for a friend who loves dachshunds. I've been keeping my eye on it for awhile and almost bought it when it wasn't 75 percent off.
I also picked up this vase for my MIL who loves earth tones.  It was only five dollars!
And some candle holders (the blue and green ones) for a friend and some really inexpensive tea lights.
And some notecards for me (but they were only two dollars)! I got a little carried away, but I think that I really got some things that people will like.  Now I can't wait for it all to arrive!

Mother's Day

What are you doing this Mother's Day?  Since I only live about 2 and a half hours from home, I've decided to go home to celebrate. :)  The husband won't be able to go see his mom, since he is swamped with work and the trip is further for him.  Of course we are sending her something, even though that's a poor substitute. I'm not buying my mom anything fancy, but I am going to attempt to cook her something.  If that falls through, I have some Trader Joe's cookies in flavors I think she will really like. I also try to always pick up little things that I think she would enjoy, but wouldn't splurge on herself.  With her birthday coming up, I have to pace myself with all the gifts, though!
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Life's a Beach

Yesterday, I found out that my sister has  been offered a teaching position in Florida!  It looks like this little lady is moving to warmer weather to a city she really wants to live in. I'm pretty ecstatic for her, even though I know she still is under a lot of stress.  My sister has worked so hard for her entire life to get to this point, and it's exciting to see a dream become a reality.  I'm also really looking forward to going to go visit her lots once she moves down to Florida.  Of course,  I'm also hoping to take some time off to help her move at the end of this month!

The Shoppes at Target

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Last week was pretty busy at work, and I really enjoyed having the weekend to re-charge.  On Sunday, I stopped by Target and I was able to check out the "The Shoppes at Target."  Have you seen them? I thought a lot of the items were cute.  I was able to resist until the end, when I saw this dress,  but I'm not sure if I'll end up keeping it or not. Is anybody else an indecisive shopper?  I really have a hard time making up my mind sometimes!

Today's the Day!

Today is the day my sister defends her dissertation to get her doctorate in math.  I'm sending her lots of love, luck and prayers this Tuesday, as I hope everything goes smoothly.  It's amazing for me to think that she's going to be getting such a high degree when she has a sister who can barely add. She has worked so hard for this day, and I cannot believe what she is on the cusp of accomplishing! If you could send her some well-wishes, I would appreciate it.