A little visit to World Market

Have you all been to World Market lately? I hadn't been in years, but I went in to visit last Saturday on a whim and I am a fan.  They have lots of beautiful things that look like they would be sitting in an Anthropologie store, but are lots cheaper!  Most things aren't my style, but I enjoyed looking at all the treasures.  I also fell in love with this mirror, and could see it hanging horizontally over our new bed.

As beautiful as the wood carving is, I was worried that it wouldn't look good since it is a deviation from my style(plus the line was incredibly long), so I just kept on going. I did show the husband a picture of it online, and he thought it looked okay.  (Pretty much anytime he knows something is wood, he gets excited. He would be very content living in a wood-paneled room.)  However, I was still on the fence, so when I was at Target later that day, I picked up three of these little mirrors.

I love the shape and thought it would look nice over our bed; however, the husband wasn't on board since they aren't made out of real wood.  So, back to World Market I went. This time I wandered around even more and found lots of potential Christmas gifts to give to my mother-in-law whose loves earth tones.  Like this beautiful carved soapstone box.

Or this trio of vases
And these candles
I was also in love with the upholstered chairs, but I'm not in the market for one.  I think I'll be visiting World Market again very soon in the future. In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to convince the husband to hang the new mirror up!


With the advent of our new queen sized bed, we're trying to figure out a dresser that would match.  Here's our new big bed:
We're still looking for a new comforter, but I'm kind of attached to our Kmart one.  We definitely need something over the bed (I'm thinking mirrors), but I'm really dragging my feet on this project (I just don't want to make a bad choice and be stuck with it forever!).  We did upgrade with some white Kate Spade sheets from Home Goods that I mentioned awhile ago.  They feel divine. 

Now, I'm trying to figure out a dresser that works, because what we have now is a hot mess. I think this dresser from West Elm would look nice in the space.

But it's $700 and not even real wood!  I'm also concerned about spending a lot of money, because I know that in a few years we will move and I'm sure that what I think looks nice and works well for us will change.  Basically, I'm aware that I have fickle taste. Which brings me to the Ikea option, ala the Malm dresser. 

This little baby is less than $200 and I think that you can add hardware.  Look how beautiful the little Malm dresser looks that Emily Clark did. It also doesn't hurt that the bedroom she designed is amazing. 
Image via

So what do you all think?  Where do you think you can get quality furniture by not spending an arm and a leg and offering up your first-born child?

Hello, Again!

So visiting my sister for four days in Florida was absolutely divine.  And then I returned to work on Monday morning  to a pile of work, and I've spent the last two weeks trying to catch up.  As I mentioned, I'm in a new position and everyone else in my office is now new, so all these changes have resulted in quite a bit of work.  I'd like to say that it's over, but I think this fall is going to mean a lot of long hours.  At least I didn't have to go in to work this weekend, which is a positive sign. All these extra hours have ended my exercise plans, but I'm going to try to get back on track this week.  I'm also hoping that I can still keep up with this little blog and all the blogs I follow, which are so dear to me.  I have at least one post scheduled this week, so that's an improvement!

Some Mindless Tuesday Thoughts

So, I'm totally stealing this idea from Saving the Best for Last when she took a more sarcastic approach from the online Matchbook Magazine questions. I need something light-hearted on Tuesday, but I'm not really creative enough to be witty. Regardless, here's a shortened list of the questions.
Tea or coffee?
I collect…
Stationery, “junk jewelry,” shelter magazines
Favorite City?
Spring or Fall?
Bloom of Choice?
Tulips, Peonies, Carnations…really how can you go wrong with flowers?
Twirl by Kate Spade 
Well, I just bought some white Kate Spade Sheets from TJ Max, does that count?  I’m just excited to have some sheets!
China Pattern
Library Lane
Most Prized Possession
My wedding and engagement ring

What about you guys; what does your list look like? I've noticed that in my list, all the "finer things" I own are usually Kate Spade, but I think that's changing.  Case in point, I actually left a Kate Spade throw pillow that was on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond at the store.  It took restraint, though.

Happy Friday, Friends!

So I'm a bit behind on blogging this week, but I'm very excited that I've planned a little vacation.  Next Thursday, I'm leaving for Florida to go visit my sister for four days.  This couldn't be better, as I really want a break from work that savors summer and it will also be a break from missing the husband who is away working on a trial.  My sister better start getting ready for me, because soon I will be on our way to Florida with my pink polka dot bag in tow. (And yes, I pulled this baby out as soon as I booked the ticket.  It might already be partially packed).
In other news, I attempted to spruce up our bathroom.  On Sunday night, I decided I wanted to hang this up.
It's from 2006 and a cover of a J.Crew catalog.  The husband says that we will have to put it away when company comes; what do you guys think?  Too tacky for words?  For some bizarre reason I think it's charming.  It also reminds me of when I was in grad school and aspired to be classic and put together ala J.Crew.  Clearly, that's a battle I've given up on in my old age.
What I haven't given up on is an inane hunt for the perfect comforter and sheets.  I found some Kate Spade sheets at TJ Maxx, but I'm still on the fence.  Basically, I know that whatever I pick out, I'll be stuck with forever. Anyways, I'm looking forward to catching up on blogs this weekend and seeing what everyone has been up to!

Wedding Registries

We are in the midst of wedding season, and I always like to think of what would be most useful to couples starting out.  I found this post over at Young House Love pretty interesting.  When we got married, we (err, I) probably did a pretty poor job registering.  I truly felt that if I didn't register for it, I was losing my one shot of ever getting it.  Which is why I registered for a 10 set Pyrex piece.  I thought it would be useful ten years down the line.  And I'm sure it would be, but after the wedding, we realized it wasn't going to be happening anytime soon and our apartment is small (and would be getting even smaller).  So, fortunately, we were able to return it; I love Target's generous return policy.  Truly, I have no idea where we would have put it in our NoVa kitchen. The same could go for a set of a set of bowls that I'm currently storing but not using.  Again, I think they will come in handy, but not  for awhile.
As a side note, I did register for china and have no regrets.  It isn't practical, but we do use it on special occasions and I still have dreams that it will be used in the future.  I actually think that your wedding registry might be your one shot at china, because I could never see my husband letting me buy that on our own. But that's just me.
I actually found that some of the things we didn't register for ended up being pretty handy (case in point, the comforter from K-Mart that is currently are only bedding...). So what do I think the most useful gift that we received?  Hands down, it has to be the tool kit. 
We definitely didn't register for it, but we sure have used it.  It's pretty handy to have a level, measuring tape, hammer, etc., when hanging pictures, putting together furniture, etc.  Since the husband and I aren't very handy, we would never have thought of it, but it is definitely something we needed.
The husband's aunt and uncle also gave us a gorgeous picture of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which definitely makes our apartment look a bit more adult and is a piece we will always treasure.  Isn't it funny how sometimes our friends and family know us better than we know ourselves? What do you think is essential for a registry/love to give a bride and groom?